Giant cat breeds

Giant cat breeds

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Giant cat breeds there are many, but there are certain that do not go unnoticed. I'm giant cat breeds known here and there in the world and all with particularities that deserve to be known. They are cats that have their own why, great and who also have great stories to tell.

There is the fairytale Maine Coon cat, between giant cat breeds his is the most majestic and legendary, an old legend tells that it was born from a cross between a lynx and a raccoon, it is also called the Maine raccoon and has a very fairytale appearance. The siberian cat is one of the giant cat breeds who comes from Russia and Ukraine, he is large but also very robust but loves to stay indoors and maintain his independence anyway. He is stubborn but which cat is not?

Some are also a bit false, like, at least in the name, the sacred cat of Burma that with its white paws and blue eyes, it doesn't come from over there at all but from France. In addition to the Persian cat among the giant cat breeds we also find the Japanese Bobtail cat with its particular appearance due to the extremely short tail and which looks like a pompom.

Giant Cat Breeds: Norwegian Forest Cat

Very similar to the Maine Coon, the Norwegian forest cat is, was, sacred to the Vikings, also because it is a precious mouse hunter on ships. Indeed it is one of giant cat breeds strong and agile, very equipped for the cold with a hair that stretches by about 10 cm in winter, males that even reach 7 kg, also have a “round neck”, all have fluffy culottes.

Whatever the color of the coat - red, brown, silver and black, rarely white - it is thick and heavy, water repellent and is associated with large, slightly slanted, green or yellow eyes, long legs and a thick, plume tail. Like others giant cat breeds, this has a calm and silent character, loves company and life in the open air, detests intrusions and impositions, pretends to mark the owner and his home by placing himself on desks, shelves and tables, often asking to play. And then it is tireless.

Giant cat breeds: Turkish Van cat

From Turkey, in Europe this cat arrived in England in the 1950s, which belongs well to the giant cat breeds. The Turkish Van cat is large and robust and can weigh between 5 and 8 kg. The muzzle is narrow and flattened, the eyes can be amber, uneven or green, while if blue, the Turkish Van cat has a predisposition to deafness.

Like others giant cat breeds first mentioned, the tail is a plume but in this case it must not have white spots while the coat is completely white except in some areas. If the giant cat breeds are often very attached to the family, the Turkish Van cat prefers to focus on one person. He is shrewd, intelligent, curious and very lively and, if he has a garden, he is the happiest of all giant cat breeds, accepting to live well with a dog too.

Giant cat breeds: Chartreux cat

It was born in a monastery run by the Carthusian friars and is therefore recognized among the giant cat breeds, the Chartreux cat: massive, up to 6 kg, muscular, with eyes that turn orange or copper even if they are blue at birth. The hair is instead gray, blue gray or light gray, as uniform as possible and without undercoat.

The Carthusian cat among many giant cat breeds it stands out for how balanced and reassuring it is, which is why it is an ideal companion for lonely people, because of an independent nature, or elderly, because it is discreet, intuitive and does not need a lot of pampering. He does not like useless shouting, remember that he comes from a monastery.

Giant cat breeds: American Shorthair cat

Between 7 kg and 5 kg of the female one of the giant cat breeds is that of the American Shortair. Small nose, large and bright eyes, medium tail: this cat has hair of various colors and short but strong, it keeps well the cold, humidity, wounds from fighting between cats. Between giant cat breeds, this American is very suitable for children, a little restless: the American Shorthair cat is an excellent climber, not social, even if it maintains the instinct of hunting, has an excellent sense of direction and sometimes it was found to chase, and capture, mice which he then takes us as a trophy.

Giant cat breeds: Toyger cat

It is part of the giant cat breeds or is it a real tiger? We wonder by looking absently at this Toyger cat but, seeing him wandering docile and meek, all doubts vanish. In the early 1980s Judy Sugden added to the others giant cat breeds this animal obtained by crossing 2 Mackerel Tabby cats with Bengalis, so that it was a tiger, but in miniature. It is, but only physically, because this is one of the giant cat breeds, among the most domestic and suitable for families even with children and other pets.

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