Cultivating lotus flower, the guide

Cultivating lotus flower, the guide

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How to grow the lotus flower: a guide tocultivation of the lotus flowerin the garden, organizing a small tub or in the artificial lake.

When to grow the lotus flower

For the cultivation period and exposure, keep in mind that i Lotus flowers (Nelumbo nucifera and Nelumbo lutea), to blossom, they need at least a period of 60 - 90 days with temperatures between 24 ° - 30 ° C and at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. From this it follows that, ideally, you should start cultivation in spring so as to see the first flowering by the end of summer.

Is growing lotus flower in the garden resistant to cold?

Despite its needs, it must be said that if the water freezes on the surface during the winter, the plant survives and will be ready to regain its vegetation during the next summer.

How to grow the lotus flower starting from the tuber

For cultivate the lotus flower get yourself a round tub (or a jarlarge enough) to favor the development of the tuber. Fill the bottom with dark peat (or with specific clayey soil for artificial ponds) and fill the tray to the brim with warm water.

Place the tuber on the surface of the water (it should float) and take care to change the water every 4 - 7 days, you will notice the formation of algae. When the tuber has developed green parts, anchor it to the bottom taking care not to bury it (you can use a stone to fix it to the bottom).

How big should the lotus growing tank be?

The size of the pot / tub must be proportional to that of the variety chosen. Don't be fooled by the photo above where a dwarf variety has been used. For varieties of the N. lutea species or for the Sacred lotus, a tank of at least 170 liters is required. For these species, even if you use selected hybrids in the nursery, it would be convenient to carry out a cultivation in the home pond.

Grow the lotus flower from seed

Cultivation from seed is not only possible but I can say, from direct experience, not even that difficult. They generally advise against cultivating i Lotus flower from seedhowever, it will take you little time to try.

I started sowing in mid-May in my parents' garden in Naples. There lotus flower sowing is simple. Many advise against cultivation starting from the seed but those who have the opportunity to collect and / or buy well-ripened seeds can start from these.

The first thing to do is to put the seeds in water, if they float, they probably won't germinate… if they sink, there's a good chance they'll give birth to a beautiful plant.

I have collected a dozen seeds of Lotus flower and making them sprout was easy. Placing the seeds in simple "soft" water (not calcareous) they sprouted within 5 days!

All I did was put 12 seeds in a jar with water and changed the water once or twice a day. On the third day I noticed a small crack on the seed integument and I "stripped "manually by removing small fragments at the cotyledon which was ready to go out. The plant ofLotus flowerstarted a week after planting.

The first planting took place in a bucket placed in full sun (I filled the bottom of the bucket with a few cm of peat, I "dirty the peat seed" making sure that it does not come back to the surface, keep in mind that must stay out of the peat), I waited 2 weeks and when the second floating leaf appeared I transplanted the Lotus flower in the artificial garden pond.

In the transplant I was very delicate and in order not to damage the tuber I transferred a nice pile of peat.

I forgot, out of the 12 seeds, only 5 sprouted!

Lotus flower seeds, where to find them

Not everyone knows but… find lotus flower seeds it is much simpler than you can imagine. In Italy, the Lotus flower it is considered an alien plant, that is "allochthonous"; This is how a species is defined which, due to human activities, finds itself colonizing a territory other than its natural habitat. This means that it is not difficult to meet it in the stretches of water in some places in Italy, especially in the North.

If you do not know where to find lotus flower seeds, you can take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon you can buy a sachet for about 6 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all information, I refer you to"This Amazon page"where you can see the various purchase proposals.

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