Pet birds: how to choose the right one

Pet birds: how to choose the right one

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Pet birds: but which birds? and to keep company with whom? The choice between is not to be underestimated pet birds, apparently trivial.

A number of different species are labeled under the name of pet birds without taking into account that, when it comes to relationships, even between man and bird, relying on fate is not good practice. especially if you then encounter annoying noises, for yourself or for the neighbors. To cages to be cleaned two or three times a day, finding yourself "shredding a little apple for the bird", before going out for dinner with friends, otherwise "he's crazy".

No, better think about it first, better choose companion birds they do for us. And if we are too demanding, we can always fall back on who if he opens his mouth, he certainly cannot be silenced. Like Elvis. Or the beautiful and charming Marilyn: I challenge someone to tell her beautiful blond face to shut up. Neighbors included.

Among pet birds in feathers and bones, among the most popular are the canaries: small and adaptable, long-lived and able to manage loneliness, even singing, as the male can do best of all, capable of real serenades for his mistress. Or for the neighbor, who won't dare grumble. Not officially, at least.

Small, pretty, companion birds good, if not great, but not pretentious, too Gouldian diamond and other Australian diamonds, always passerines, but with the bright colors of the plumage. The eye also wants its part, not just the ear, but we do not cultivate the hope that the latter will keep quiet. If what we want is a pet bird that is silent, it is better to opt for a nice and oscillating game without feathers or voice.

Parrots are undoubtedly the pet birds ideal for sociable people, for those who love to surround themselves with people, things, voices. And for those who can't find the words: these pet birds will do it for them. Universally defined, without excuses, "rather noisy", parrots also have fixed times to chatter and make noises, and if the sunset could be acceptable, the dawn, a little less. To be a companion, parrots are without a doubt pet birds. Too much, some would say.

Even among these sociable birds, as among the sociable humans, distinctions are necessary.

Some species, likeMacaw is Conures, are particularly noisy, while others, such as i Pionus or i Poicephalus, they are much less. For those in their first experience with pet birds, better one Cockatiel. With its small size, it's definitely simpler than a Cockatoo, of medium size, Australian origins. And a white, erectile crest that drives crazy, not just aspiring punks. The cockatoos are pet birds very sweet and affectionate, they are a companion in the true sense of the word, and if they miss it, if you go out too much, they suffer a lot.

Always of Australian origin among the pet birds the budgie appears. Small, very active, sociable and intelligent, he repeats without harassing, looking for you from his cage, but he also knows how to manage his time. Especially if placed in a large aviary, in pairs, and with many supports to climb on. This gives a respite to our ears: we don't always want to hear what we said days before, maybe even by mistake. Maybe it's an unfulfilled purpose, or a truth that hurts.

Parrots or canaries, sociable or sociopathic, the pet birds however, they must always be chosen young but already completely weaned and entrusting themselves to a trusted breeder. Better not just rely on aesthetics, if you don't want to spend your day with earplugs. Or to clean cages. Who of the pet birds he just wants to hear the sound, better if, instead of an aviary, he hangs a beautiful song clock in his house. Who wants one instead company in the kitchen, silent but nice, it finds the right measure in an elegant and nice milk jug, which has to put its beak wherever you want. 

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