Neem oil in agriculture

Neem oil in agriculture

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Neem oil in agriculture: where to find it, when and how to use it and how to prepare effective treatments based on this natural insecticide.

L'Neem oilit is widely used inagricultureboth for crops conducted with the organic method and in traditional agriculture.

Neem oil is produced starting fromNeem tree and its origins are very ancient: theNeem tree it has been used in India for over 5,000 years. Thanks to its properties, theNeem tree, over the centuries, it has conquered various names, among the oldest we mention "The village pharmacy", "the tree of health", "the relief of the sick".

Inagriculture Neem oil it is defined, par excellence, the natural insecticide, for further information you can read the article "Natural insecticide Neem "where I explain how the active ingredient ofNeem oil(azadirachtin), where to buy it and for which infestations it should be used. In this article, we will see more tips for its use in agriculture.

Neem oil in agriculture

Among his property, most important in the world agricultural are thoseantifungal and insect repellent.L'Neem oilit is effective against 14 types of fungi and thanks to its insect repellent action it is an excellent natural remedy against infestations from mites, plant lice, aphids ...

How to use theNeem oil in agriculture

There are many plant protection products used in agriculture and based on the active ingredient of Neem, azadirachtin. L'Neem oilit can be successfully used against the gray apple aphid, various lepidoptera that attack citrus fruits, some thrips and whiteflies. It is also effective on cicadellidae and the Colorado potato beetle. How to use theNeem oil in agriculture?

Like fungicide and broad spectrum pesticide (you can therefore also use it as an insecticide for plants affected by fungal diseases)just mix it with lukewarm water in a 1/100 ratio. That is to say, for every 100 liters of natural plant insecticide produced sinceNeem, only one liter of oil and 99 liters of warm water must be used.

The natural insecticide obtained can be sprayed directly on the leaves to be treated, possibly at sunset (the active ingredient is photosensitive and may lose its effectiveness if used in full sun). The treatments can be repeated every 10 - 15 days until the infestation has completely disappeared.

In case of very acute infestations, you can make a lower dilution using 2 liters ofNeem oilfor every 98 liters of warm water (2%). If you want to use theneem oilfor preventive purposes you can make dilutions with a concentration of 5% (500 ml of Neem oil for 99.5 liters of warm water).

Neem oil in organic farming

L'Neem oilis allowed in organic farming. To fully exploit the anticryptogamated effect, the Neem oil-based solution should be stirred continuously even during use. I remind you that the oil is immiscible in water and to obtain a more homogeneous application it will be necessary to use an emulsifier. As an emulsifier, I advise you to use the decoction of the Lavanoci or a few drops of dish soap.

Neem oil in agriculture to eliminate aphids

L'Neem oilcan be an excellent natural remedy for aphids. A foliar treatment to eradicate an aphid infestation can be performed with:

  • 100 ml of Neem oil
  • 100 ml of ethyl alcohol
  • 10 liters of warm water

With the solution obtained, plants in full vegetation grown in about 10 square meters of surface can be treated. L'Neem oil it is a bit difficult to "dissolve" in water and alcohol, so even in this case it will be necessary to stir the mixture continuously, even during application (unless you decide to use an emulsifier). The treatment must be repeated at least once 20 days after the first application.

Where to buy Neem oil

Neem oil is a product with multiple properties, however it is not very widespread and can only be found on sale in shops specializing in the sale of natural products, or in more specialized agricultural consortia.

It is not particularly expensive especially if you buy it online but be careful! In ecommerce, generally, there is a form ofneem oilrefined and suitable for cosmetic use, this shape is perfect for agricultural use but is more expensive.

To use theneem oil in agriculture, as an insecticide, you can buy crude neem oil, much cheaper. Just think that,"To this Amazon page" 1 liter of pure neem oil is offered at a price of 16.95 euros.

Note: The manufacturers claim that it can also be used for cosmetic use, however, having tried both this oil and a neem oil for cosmetic use, I can say that there is a slight difference. I specify that our website has no connection with producers, so feel free to choose the neem oil you prefer! :)

Azadirachtin in agriculture

Not just neem oil, you can buy preparations formulated directly from the active ingredient extracted from neem oil. It is clear that these are more effective products. Azadirachtin is allowed in organic farming and it is only the active substance responsible for the antifungal and antiparasitic properties of neem.

Also in this case, for the purchase, you can contact garden centers, agricultural consortia or take advantage of online sales. For a complete overview of the available products, I refer you to"This Amazon page".

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