Photovoltaic flower holder panel

Photovoltaic flower holder panel

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The photovoltaic flower holder panel is the new made in Italy product created by Ri-Ambientando that allows you to combine savings in your bills and an installation that protects the aesthetics of your balcony by integrating a flower vase in the fixing bracket.

The idea is simple and ingenious as installing a panel on your balcony or terrace allows most citizens to access the advantages of mini photovoltaics, without having to install solar panels on the roof.

The advantage is evident in terms of simpler and less expensive maintenance, avoiding having to access the roof every time. In addition, any damage or problems to the panel can be detected more easily.

From a technical point of view, thephotovoltaic flower holder panel designed by Ri-Ambiendando, it is a self-produced electric current generator thanks to the sun's rays.

The balcony panel It measures one square meter and contains a semi-transparent glass / tedlar photovoltaic technology with a micro-inverter for direct input of self-produced electricity to the domestic system.

The photovoltaic panel is made with polycrystalline photovoltaic cells green which determine the variable power between 135 and 180 watts.

A very important factor is that the installation of this panel DOES NOT require any type of authorization for use by energy managers and DOES NOT require technical changes to the electrical system.

THE flower door panels, even as a group, they connect to the home network simply by inserting the supplied electrical plug into the first wall socket, with the result of reducing traditional energy consumption and zeroing stand-by costs, reducing the withdrawals from the home meter by entering alternating current in the domestic installation.

Another important achievable advantage is the tax deduction of the costs for the installation of the photovoltaic panel, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The high quality of materials of production allows the Re-Ambientando to guarantee the new photovoltaic flower panel for 10 years!

For more information you can visit the official website or call the toll-free number 800 146629.

Two photovoltaic balcony panels side by side

There technical data sheet of balcony photovoltaic panels designed by Ri-Ambientando:

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