Small domestic dogs

Small domestic dogs

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Small apartment dogs, for small apartments, or for those who do not want bulky animals for the house and at the same time consider the presence of a furry friend to be inevitable. Of a great little friend chosen among small-sized apartment dogs.

THE medium-sized apartment dogs, in fact, already suggested, in this and other cases, may not be ideal, so here are 5 breeds of small apartment dogs to know. Not trivial, not the usual suspects, but with the same sweetness.

No Maltese, but the Bolognese, no Volpino Italiano dwarf, no German Dachshund and other very small, almost portable dogs. Here, small apartment dogs, but worthy of being found for the rooms.

The just mentioned Bolognese it is perfect for those who love Made in Italy, it belongs to the category called "bichon", in the French way small apartment dogs long-haired. Aristotle called these dogs "melitensi", coming from Bologna ... or from Boulogne in France?

Who knows, but in 1200 they were depopulated in the Italian and European courts. The Bolognese he was loved by the Gonzaga family, for example, by the Marquise of Pompadour (the favorite of King Louis XV), as well as Catherine of Russia.

Some of these small apartment dogs they also arrived in the rooms of the Sun King and, in 1700, in Russia where this breed is still bred with great devotion. The Bolognese is a wall dog, too, in the paintings of Titian, Goya, Watteau, Dürer and Abraham Bosse, always pure white, with a slightly curly and long hair, with “flame-like” tips that can even become felted after washing. He'll watch us from the couch with his own very dark eyes and penetrating, it is a docile dog, very intelligent, affectionate, cheerful and lively.

Despite being a breed of small apartment dogs naughty, it is very suitable not only for families with children but also for elderly people: the Bolognese is not physically demanding, on the other hand it is quick to learn, but it tends to fussy, chilly and discreet: does not suffocate the master with constant requests for affection.

From Japan, but perhaps from China or, again, from Korea, among the small apartment dogs comes the Japanese Chin. There are some scholars who think it was born from crosses between the Tibetan Spaniel and other small Chinese dogs such as the Pekingese, but the origins are still unknown, or rather, confused.

What is certain is that the Japanese Chin is in the category of small apartment dogs but it is very robust and with abundant hair, white with black or red spots. In him the dance of the tides, circular, he is intelligent, docile and fond of his master and his family. Between small apartment dogs Japanese Chin is perfect with children: it amuses them without exaggerating with contact.

Speaking of children, among thesmall apartment dogs there is one that has the name of a toy: the Belgian Griffon. It is a breed that originates from a Barbet and was very common in Holland, Belgium and France, in the north.

These small apartment dogs they are very small, but unlike other colleagues, they maintain a good structure and a dignified and elegant appearance, in addition to a proud and bold expression. The Griffoncino can also be chosen as watchdog, but he is perfect as a companion, always on the heels of his master as he is, courageous and reliable, lively and intelligent, but always looking for attention.

From Belgium we go to Holland forSmoushound, small apartment dogs and type pinscherminiature schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs. The name could derive from "smous", mouse, revealing its origins from small rodent hunter.

The Dutch Smoushound it is very agile and agile, it has a rather shaggy hair which can be of various shades of yellow, but its peculiar characteristic are the eyes: round and very dark. Character, cheerful and affectionateAlways with a good-natured expression, he is a good small-sized apartment dog, also having the ability to adapt to family life and being easy to educate.

A still quite rare breed that intrigued me, among small apartment dogs, and the Russian Toy Terrier, also known by the name of Russkiy Toy or Russian Toy. It comes from Russia and has been recognized by the F.C.I. only since 2006. There are even two varieties, with long hair (Longhaired Russian Toy Terrier) and short-haired (Smooth haired Toy Terrier) but the difference is only for the tufts of hair on the ears.

The Russian Toy Terrier is very small, with a head even smaller than the body but on which two funny appearances ears large, thin and covered with hair, for the long-haired variety. Like the Dutch Smoushound, this Russian also has very showy eyes: large, round, dark in color and slightly protruding.

They immediately show intelligence but alsoaffectionate disposition, the desire to become attached to one's master and to get to know the guests of the house. It is definitely one of the best small apartment dogs, and with this anyone who crosses the threshold is surprised.

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