Mastiff: character and variety

Mastiff: character and variety

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Mastiff, a dog breed with a name that says it all. No, not Mastiff, Mastiff in itself it doesn't say much to me, but it comes from the ancient Saxon term "masty" = "powerful". In fact this dog breed comes from Great Britain, belongs to molossers dogue type and is definitely… powerful.

A famous English scholar of the 1800s, Edwars, in his work Cynographia Britannica described it with a simple but enlightening comparison. On the contrary, a proposition: “… the lion is to the cat like the Mastiff it's up to the dog… ".

Mastiff: origins

This breed is powerful and also ancient, it has been present on the British Isles since the 6th century BC. And at that time he lived with the legionaries, the famous Pugnaces Britanniae, who arrived during the conquest. Seen i Mastiff they had immediately used them, given their size, both as auxiliaries in battle and as hunting dogs for large game.

Having won the hearts of the pugnantes, these dogs were brought to Rome to make a show fighting in circuses where they were so much appreciated that the position of special officer was established. Procurator Cynegii to their retrieval.

In history they have always had a good consideration, even in the Middle Ages, the Mastiff he remained the dog of the nobility, the guardian of castles and the bodyguard of knights and feudal lords. Until today, today that the Mastiff remains a dog that is liked, sought after, not too common and of recognized and undisputed beauty and ability. After all, who dares go against him?

Mastiff: appearance

The powerful being of Mastiff it translates into a massive skull and a large and square head, a broad chest and a size that provides a height at the withers between 70 and 83 cm. The average weight of a male specimen is about 90 kg, for the female 10 kg less. However, it remains a very large dog, to be defined as giant in size without fear of exaggerating.

The hair of the Mastiff it is short and can be fawn, in apricot or silver tones, with stripes or not. Any "fantasy" is ours Mastiff, there must always be a dark mask, therefore black fur on the muzzle, ears and around the eyes.

Looking the "face" Mastiff he is not so terrible and bad, he is just very imposing, but he has drooping lips and a very large and dark nose which are a lot of tenderness, the ears are small and fine, the eyes also small and hazel, as dark as possible .

Mastiff: character

Such a dog, with such a physique, is a high representative of elegance, power, dignity and courage. As a breed distinguished by its calm and loyal disposition, it almost never gets angry even if it develops a strong bond with the owner, becomes devoted and therefore guards him, his family and his home with much apprehension. With a Mastiff we can feel safe, in short.

This does not mean that we have a 100% guard dog at our feet, ready only to defend us, on the contrary, the Mastiff has a mild character and is a life partner who transmits serenity. Even in the presence of children, it's good, tolerates all their tricks, even when they use him as a horse, or at least try. He takes it into account.

Despite the mass, not being restless, this dog also adapts in a flat, just dedicate some time to him for a walk that will make him stretch. However, if we keep him at home, it is advisable to leave immediately by giving him one strict education. If it fits in the apartment, it doesn't fit at all if abandoned in the garden: it needs to watch over the family and he wants to do it by remaining included, being part of it, from the living room or crouched under the kitchen table.

Mastiff: breeding

The farms of Mastiff they had a great crisis during the period of the world wars and business restarted in the following decades starting from the surviving specimens. Today we cannot speak of a crisis of farmsIndeed, it is perhaps not one of the best known breeds but is widespread, even in Italy, even if not among the most fashionable breeds.

On the other hand, it is not always easy to convince families in apartments to adopt such a large dog despite the meek character. It must also be said that its considerable size requires special attention for diseases such as dysplasia and gastric torsion. The classic ones of the giant dogs.

Giant Mastiff

The version giant of an already giant dog is quite rare if not ridiculous, yet there are specimens to report that reach over 120 kg in weight. I am obviously Mastiff males, and exceed by a good 30 kg the average weight indicated as average, even if the standard, in itself, does not give stringent indications. Nor shrinking. So the Giant Mastiff.

Among other things, he also remains so heavy, a dog with a harmonious physique, in top shape. The Guinness World Record, about Giant Mastiff, reports that among the largest dogs in the world lately there is a specimen of this breed weighing 155 kg.

Mastiff: price

The mass, the lack of circulation, the demanding maintenance and the need to give an early indication. That's why a puppy of Mastiff manages to cost too 1,500 euros. They can also be found at prices under a thousand euros, I recommend checking carefully pedigree, documents and especially predisposition to dysplasia, for example.

American Mastiff

New breed new, created from English Mastiff, crossed with the Shepherd of Anatolia: here is the American Mastiff, officially recognized in 2000 by Continental Kennel Club. Puppies are a good mix of the two crossbred dogs, have a firm and strong appearance, and with an equally strong inclination to be lazy.

Another feature of the American Mastiff what distinguishes it is the much less slobbering mouth compared to other mastiffs, for the rest it is an equally large, massive and powerful dog, with a large square head, amber eyes, and fur of various colors including fawn, apricot and the brindle.

As for the coat, these colors appear within the year of life, first the puppies appear dark and that's it. Then, as it grows, the real color appears and only the mask around the muzzle remains dark. They love children and they are very devoted to their family just like their English colleagues, i American Mastiff, they are not aggressive at all and do not have many health problems. They live in an apartment, with a daily walk, and have an average life span of 10 to 12 years.

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