How to wash a cat

How to wash a cat

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How to wash a cat it is not a mystery but not even a joke, it is known that this animal does not love water at all, so we do not take this enterprise lightly. But it is not even the case to give up learning like washing a cat without even trying. With a little patience and transmitting serenity and trust, we can wash a cat without getting hurt or washed in turn.

For example, to make it better set we can gradually increase the water level of the tub from 2 or 3 cm up to 10 or 12, always making sure that the fluid temperature is around 25-30 ° C. Even once discovered like washing a cat there is no need to exaggerate: no more than once every two weeks. Too many washes can remove the protective oils making it opaque and less protected by natural elements.

Other useful tips, before going into the specifics of the information on like washing a cat, are to dry the animal well, especially if it is very young or very old, or very undernourished. The temperature of the room where we wash the cat must be at least 20 ° C and the humidity is low.

Before starting to explain like washing a cat, here is a list of equipment that can be useful to us. Because, once started, you certainly don't have the time and hands free to get around by chance. Everything must already be within reach, from the cat and from the tub.

In addition to the shampoo for cats, for a possible conditioner also, they need numerous towels, a comb or a brush, toys and food for the rewards. For us, a long-sleeved shirt that we can get wet without despair. For the environment you obviously need one bathtub, lukewarm water and two buckets for rinsing. And the possibility of closing the bathroom or the room in which we find ourselves to start proceeding according to the advice on how to wash a cat

Even if they obsess about their hygiene, there are occasions when cats really need a bath: if the fur became sticky, if their fur is greasy or if they have medical problems that require regular baths with specific shampoos. How to wash a cat it becomes a useful thing to know and how to wash a cat without irritating it, even more so.

How to wash a cat: preparation

Let's start by cutting your cat's nails, preferably a couple of days before the bath, so if it gets irritated, we give the animal time to calm down. Before wetting the fur cat comb to remove knots and tangles in a less painful way.

Let us then equip ourselves with a shampoo for cats which absolutely must not be that of a man or a dog. You can find specific products at moderate prices in pet shops. You can ask like washing a cat with a nourishing and effective shampoo even to your veterinarian.

How to wash a cat: the bathroom

With a towel we can proceed with the'Soap the cat with shampoo, but you can also use your hands directly. If we want to avoid the danger of getting scratched or rash, the indications on like washing a cat advise to tire him out. Playing with him, making him eat, giving him rope and then being able to put him in the tub without too many problems. We never force it too hard, however: if he links the bathroom to a trauma then he is no longer convinced that it is not a tragedy.

One way to make washing a cat pleasant is to use toys in the tub, ad hoc or his own, but furnishing it in such a way that he sena a friendly environment. Not knowing the reactions, let's remember like washing a cat is unpredictable as a business so we close the bathroom door and also the toilet seat, remove any boxes for needs and other elements that can create confusion and to which the cat could cling if it panics.

Prepared the tub with a few centimeters of warm water, we do not use running water or sprayers. For the rinses we can organize ourselves with two buckets. As you go along, the "manual" on like washing a cat it also requires that you speak to him in a calm and quiet voice. If we are nervous or agitated while bathing, the cat will understand this and get nervous as well.

Immersed up to the neck, if possible, or at least wet the hair, we use the shampoo even diluted to wash the neck, body, legs, belly and tail starts from the neck, always massaging to relax it. To avoid ear infections, let's put a cotton ball on it.

When we rinse off the shampoo, thelike washing a cat also includes this, we use the prepared buckets and treat the face separately by passing a wet cloth gently in the opposite direction to that of the eyes and nose, to clean the head and ears well.

How to wash a cat: drying

We also dab with a cloth several times changing towels with delicate movements, as if we were massaging it, until the hair is only wet, then make sure that the cat is in a place with a good temperature and does not take cold shots.

We can use a wet-haired comb especially if the cat has long hair, but let's not forget the most important thing: the reward. If we want the cat not to fail us on how to wash a cat, let's reward him with a delicacy creating a positive association, stroking him, telling him how good he is and giving him lots of attention.

How to wash a kitten

A small cat will wash it in a sink or small tub. It is also prepared with a suitable base, a cloth or a container, and with a few centimeters of water so as to allow it to settle. Never running water or showerlet alone splashes and splashes.

Let's avoid any fright and use the maximum delicacy. We can also put a terry towel at the bottom of the tub, to give the cat a surface where it can sink its claws and hold on tightly. Then a lot is about how much we are able to transmit while massaging and drying it, but the real secret of like washing a cat it is just that.

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