Biomethane from biogas

Biomethane from biogas

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Biomethane from biogas, biomethane from organic waste, this is what happens in the innovative plant built in Cavenago Brianza (MB) from the research and field application tandem composed of Cem Ambiente and University of Milano-Bicocca.

Biomethane from organic waste

Eight months after the first experimentation, in December 2015 the prototype of an industrial plant was inaugurated which features a new technology, to be tested and verified in the field, which obtains biomethane from biogas. Is called Smart upgrading and "washes" the biogas eliminating CO2 to obtain methane.

That said, yes, because the technology has given excellent results to the researchers of the Department of Materials Science of the University of Milan-Bicocca, now it is up to see if they will be confirmed, in real working conditions. This is why this prototype and the role of CEM Ambiente that hosts it in its former landfill in Cavenago Brianza to test how it is possible to have biomethane from biogas with the smart upgrading suggested by scientists.

What happens in this plant? Waste from the CEM Ambiente landfill is used to produce Biomethane from biogas. With this move, moreover, we "obey" the specific law that explicitly asks biomethane from biogas, given that the former already has its own network and can be used more and better and biogas.

Biomethane from biogas: advantages

How to get biomethane from biogas, Smart Upgrading technology is completely innovative and has several advantages that, verified, would make a big difference in the sector. We said what it does is "wash", eliminate CO2.

At a first comparison with its competitors, German and US technologies, two main advantages emerge to be attributed to what applies to Cavenago Brianza. First you work with one biodegradable transformation substance and low cost, and then produces a gas made in Italy with a process that requires a quantity of very low energy.

In addition to requiring little energy, in comparison, the costs are also reduced compared to those of similar technologies, so a certain economy to Smart Upgrading, both in the initial investment step and in subsequent management. Another simple and obvious advantage is that if we get it biomethane from biogas, then what we have is easy to use since one already exists network for its placing.

Biomethane from biogas: sustainability

Getting biomethane from biogas with smart upgrading, you also have the advantage of sustainability, because the biomethane leaks are less than 0.05%. - an excellent result at the moment, looking around, to which to add the fact that the solvents used are completely eco-friendly therefore we operate in full respect for Health and the Environment.

Biomethane from biogas: a project in line with EU legislation

The Cavenago Brianza plant, to have biomethane from biogas, is in line with Community and national policies that push for the dissemination of biofuels focusing on the implementation and optimization of technologies and processes.

By working on this aspect, you could have biomethane from biogas, therefore produced by the treatment of all organic waste and vegetable waste, in quantities to be covered more than 20% of the national requirement. It would also be a significant saving for the state and Italy would also be a good example by respecting the commitments for greenhouse gas reduction.

Biomethane from biogas: what is biogas

A little review of what biogas is, since we talked about biomethane from biogas. Let's go back one step. Biogas, produced through processes of anaerobic digestion, is an energy carrier with a methane gas content that can reach up to 65% of the volume content. To date this does not make biogas usable as energy vector of great diffusion, in addition, the high CO2 content hinders its introduction into the public network of methane or its use as automotive methane.

Today, research and technological developments have made the use of the processes they obtain economically advantageous biomethane from biogas. The process called "upgrading" is used to produce an energy vector from renewable source that has the same characteristics as natural gas that can be used and fed into the network with it energy efficiency by current users of this fuel. Here, here in Italy, here in Cavenago, we went further, to smart upgrading.

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