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Age of cats

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Age of cats: the rule of the factor seven, that is to say multiplying the cat's years by seven to compare it to the human equivalent, has turned out to be an urban legend. It is a method that does not give convincing results. The lifespan of humans, or that of the cat, or both will have changed. Or it was never valid. The fact is that today the accounts do not add up, there are more effective methods for calculating theage of cats.

To completely dispel the myth of the factor seven just think that the average life span of a cat domestic is 15 years old and many are those who live up to over 20 years, common age of cats from hospice. The human correspondent of these meowing old men would be sprightly 140-year-olds: for now, this comparison seems a bit exaggerated.

Age of cats: how to calculate it in human years

The widespread habit of multiplying by 7 theage of cats to have the human equivalent and get an idea of ​​the life phase that the cat is experiencing - childhood, old age, or maturity - let's look at methods that are certainly more complicated but which you will see better describe the reality of the facts.

The first thing to do to calculate theage of cats is to understand when they were born. If we have seen them born, nothing more trivial, if instead it is not so, better to contact the veterinary that together with you will be able to evaluate and estimate a birthday date and a year for your big cat.

It is not very simple: like many humans, but without the help of any makeup or dye, cats are very good at hiding their age and showing fewer years than they actually lived. It happens that theage of cats real of 14-15 years you look like 7 or 8, I would not be surprised to see even good veterinarians in doubt in front of a cat that lies. A cat then ...

We are looking for a scientific or at least logical approach to estimate theage of cats and get the human correspondent. A cat develops physically and sexually within the first year of life, a process that for us humans takes about 15 years: this means that the first year of a cat's life, in the calculation ofage of cats, it must be 15. We don't proceed linearly, obviously.

The second year of life is 9 years, so in the estimate of the age of cats two feline years are 24 humans. After the first 2 years of life, every year ofage of cats it is equivalent to about 4 years as a human being, therefore from 24 of the two feline years, 4 humans are added to each cat years, up to centenarian cats.

Age of cats: table of correspondence with human years

Cat -> Man

3 months -> 5 years
6 months -> 10 years
1 year -> 15 years
2 years -> 24 years
3 years -> 28 years
4 years -> 32 years
5 years -> 36 years
6 years -> 40 years
7 years -> 44 years
8 years -> 48 years
9 years -> 52 years
10 years -> 56 years
11 years -> 60 years
12 years -> 64 years
13 years -> 68 years
14 years -> 72 years
18 years -> 88-91 years
20 years -> 91-96 years
21 years -> 96-106 years

Thus we see that theage of cats towards the age of 9-10 he tells us about a cat that corresponds to a man of about 55-60 years and far from retirement, as well as from death. A cat that lives 21 years, begins to become a real elder, an exception, one age of cats as enviable as 100 years are for us today. A century. The age of cats at risk of "big babies" is around 4 years old, while the age of cats, or rather of cats, it is better to stop asking "how old?" ranges from 5-6 upwards.

Reasoning on the contrary onage of cats, the beginning of their adolescence, towards the age of 12, for us humans is a period that today often sees us still at work, we have to wait until 14 years ofage of cats to have the 72 humans and start hoping for a pension. The over 65 discounts of us humans, forage of cats are expected around 12, before you can even avoid asking.

A little sad, watching theage of cats, is that these adorable animals burn their first 5 years of life, so rich for us with surprises, memorable and forming moments, in just three months. And often it is the months of age of cats to which the real owners who will raise them for life do not even know them.

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