Working in the green economy

Working in the green economy

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Those who have a certain passion for the environment can monetize their propensityworkingin the sector ofgreen-economy.But what are theworksin demand in the field of environmental sustainability? Over a period ofeconomic crisisand full recession, there is no lack of demand for professionals related to the reuse of materials, cutting waste and energy efficiency.

Based on one of the latest reports byInternational Labor Organizationon the sector ofgreen economy, the transition from the oil age to the green economy could generate 15 to 60 million new jobs over the next twenty years. Among the most promising sectors ofgreen economythere is that of energy efficiency that ranges fromgreen buildinguntil torenewable energies. In this context, the sought-after professional figures are green building professionals, designers, installers and retailers of photovoltaic systems, wind turbine engineers and supervisors and researchers to be included in the biofuel and sustainable mobility sector.

We have just mentioned a few professional roles of the green economy, but what are the tasks that these characters will have to perform? Let's start with the professionals of sustainable architecture: you need figures capable of combining energy efficiency with aesthetics, so a designer can specialize in the field of photovoltaic systems to propose a minimally invasive integrative method. Other good prospects are for energy planning management who will have to cut all waste related to matter, electricity or water.

Between professional roles the most classic ones stand out for the protection of the forest heritage and the operators of the forestry industry: until the 1960s and 1970s, working in this field meant joining the State Forestry Corps, being hired hydraulic forestry arrangements sector. Today to work in this sector of thegreen economyit means finding employment in the certification of the efficient use of wood masses, in the management of certified forests and in the conservation of biodiversity.

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