Volkswagen Eco-Up !, the price of CNG

Volkswagen Eco-Up !, the price of CNG

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The ecological car loves the environment and protects the wallet by saving a lot of money on running costs and fuel. In terms of consumption, the cars more "savings "are electric ones but, while waiting for the setting up of the charging infrastructures, there are those who are aiming formethane. Those who want to get big savings can combine the low costs of themethaneto small and efficient thrusters; in this context, great attention is paid to very compact city cars such as the VW Eco Up! with power supply amethane.

Thepriceof theVolkswagen Up! methanein the three-door version is 12,400 euros. Who is turning up his nose for the figure, must keep in mind that with the EcoUp!takes home a car from the brandVolkswagenand that's what you get paid for. If the price purchase is felt on the scales of "versus", between "pro "we see a big advantage offered by the German manufacturer's brand: the carsVolkswagenthey do not devalue very easily, so those who want to resell the car one day can count on a not too drastic devaluation of their used cars.


Many wonder how much the tank capacity is at methaneof theVW Up!and then carry out summary calculations onautonomy. We see that the tank of themethaneit can store up to 11 kg of fuel while petrol can hold 1o liters. 11 kg of methanecorrespond to 72 liters of fuel: the cylinders are positioned in the underbody and provide aautonomywith exclusive power guide amethaneof 600 kilometers.

The estimate was made on the basis of official consumption data: according to the manufacturer, the average consumption amounts to 3.2 kilograms ofmethanefor every 100 km traveled with CO2 emissions of only 86 g / km. This average consumption refers toVolkswagen eco-Upwith 1.0 three-cylinder engine capable of delivering 68 horsepower. Consumption and emissions drop due to the eco-UpBlueMotion: 2.5 kg of methane for every 100 km traveled with emissions reduced to 79 g / km. Continuing to talk aboutprices, to travel 100 km, with the prices current ofmethane, you get to spend around € 2.40 on fuel.


Thepriceof themethaneon the rangeVolkswagen Upstarts at € 12,400 for the basic set-up "take up "up to € 15,500 (priceturnkey), of the set-uphigh up!.

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