France, European leader in Electric Mobility

France, European leader in Electric Mobility

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Which car manufacturer today can boast the largest range of electric vehicles? The answer is Renault! Just think of the little Twizy, the Zoe city-car, the Fluence sedan or the Kangoo van to understand how the French car manufacturer is moving to cover various market segments with the electric mobility. In this direction we must not forget two of the main interventions Renault: the Renault program for the dissemination of charging stations and the donation of electric vehicles to the Pope.

The French government has the issue of electric mobility so it is mobilizing to give the country the right infrastructure for the diffusion of electric cars. Between electric cars, infrastructure investments and electric car sharing programs, France has all it takes to become the leading European country in electric mobility.

What is the French government doing?
The French government has drawn up a plan for the deployment of charging stations for electric cars. The program provides grants for setting up charging stations in public places but also on private land or in workplaces. France encourages private companies to collaborate in the dissemination of electric mobility: the country wants to encourage and involve rather than introduce legislation. At the same time, France has increased the bonus for the purchase of aelectric car making it reach 7,000 euros. In addition, 25% of the means of transport used by the government will have to be hybrid or electric.

What are the French car manufacturers doing?
We have already made it clear that it is there Renault to move in the forefront. However, Renault is not the only French carmaker in the game. Peugeot and Citroen are reviewing their moves and non-French manufacturers are also investing in the country, for example Smart has always manufactured its cars at the Hambach plant in eastern France, currently the plant sees the production of electric models. Not only car manufacturers, France is also betting on electric car sharing: anyone who has been to Paris lately will no doubt have noticed Bollorè Bluecar. These details electric vehicles have become a Parisian feature, designed by Pininfarina are bringing thousands of inhabitants closer to the electric mobility.

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