Solar garden shower

Solar garden shower

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Theresolar garden showerit is a very comfortable accessory that is particularly useful in summer, both for those who own a swimming pool and for those who, after returning from the sea, do not want to smear their bathroom with sand and still wet costumes!

Theresolar garden showerit is completely ecological and ready for use: no electric cable is required for installation, the water is heated directly by the panels that capture the sun's rays.

There are several models ofsolar garden shower, some provide for the presence of a storage tank for hot water, others use strategies that can instantly heat the water thanks to direct exposure to the sun.

The operation diagram above describes the mechanism that thesolar garden shower marketed by Proidee, Solar Power Shower, uses to heat water. In this case there is no real storage tank but a system that collects 8 liters of water heated by the sun. The manufacturer claims that in 2 hours of sun exposure, those 8 liters will reach a temperature of 60 ° and will be able to mix and heat over 20 liters of water, just enough to take a quick shower! There solar garden showerin question is connected to any flexible water pipe, capable of delivering only cold water. The cold water in transit will mix with the hot water present in the base. Theresolar garden showerjust described has a price of around 160 euros.

If 20 liters of hot water seem too few, there are models with higher capacities. For example, the photo above shows thesolar garden showerSolar Frizz which allows you to supply larger quantities of hot water: the solar garden shower is connected to two solar collectors with a capacity of 15 liters each. Also in this case, no electric cable or hydraulic system is needed, just connect the solar garden shower to the classic flexible hose used for irrigating the lawn.

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