How to plant zucchini

How to plant zucchini

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How to plant zucchini: tips for growing zucchini in pots or in the small home garden. Distance to be respected, varieties indicated, treatment of diseases, sowing and moon.

The zucchini they can be planted in the vegetable garden, in small flower beds in the garden and even on the balcony thanks to the cultivation in pots.

There cultivation of zucchini it does not require a lot of work, just follow some useful indications. In the article we will illustrate how to plant zucchini, from plant to harvest

How to plant zucchini

When the courgette seedlings are well developed, you can continue with planting. Use well-tilled soil rich in organic matter. For more info we suggest you read the general information below.

Cultivation of courgettes, general information

  • The right terrain
    Before planting the seedlings of zucchini you have to dig the soil to remove weeds. The soil is then fertilized preferably with organic fertilizer such as manure or mature manure.
  • Planting of courgettes
    The seedlings must be buried up to 5-6 cm, the distanceto be respected between one plant and another is about 50 - 60 cm. Those who choose particularly vegetative varieties must respect a distance of 100 cm.
    Arrange courgette plants in rows for a tidy crop and comfortable harvest. Even the rows should be spaced about 1 -1.5 m from each other: for the burial of the plants just use an awl.
  • Fertilize the zucchini
    During growth it is preferable to fertilize the soil with nettle macerate. For creeping varieties it is necessary to prepare a trellis on which to tie the growing stems. In this case we speak ofvertical cultivation.
  • Water the zucchini
    Irrigation must be abundant to avoid the prevalent formation of sterile male flowers. Be careful not to wet the leaves, so as not to facilitate the onset of fungal diseases. In the height of summer it is also good to water them every day, avoiding intervention during the hottest hours of the day. Water slowly and directly on the ground.
  • Diseases of zucchini
    The plant of courgette they fear powdery mildew, which manifests itself with whitish spots on the underside of the leaves. To prevent, treat the plants with an infusion of garlic.
  • The climate
    Zucchini, like all cucurbits, loves a mild climate and a sunny but well-ventilated position.
  • The harvest
    The harvest of courgettes and flowers lasts all summer and in favorable climatic zones it also continues for the first part of the autumn season. There courgette it can be harvested before the flower fully opens (when they are 15-20 cm long).

How to sow zucchini

Forsow zucchiniyou will need to have: universal soil, mineral organic fertilizer, pots and a bag of seeds of your favorite variety. You can also use a soil for sowing.

Fill the jar up to 3/4 of the way up. In the center, place a courgette seed without pressing.

Add a little organic fertilizer and cover with more soil.

Gently irrigate with water at room temperature.

Sowing period: early varieties, perfect for growing at home or in the home garden, are possiblesowfrom February to July.

With early varieties, those who sow in February reap as early as May. The harvest continues throughout the summer and, if the weather permits, until the autumn, roughly until the month of October.

For the cultivation of zucchini in pots or in the home garden, we point out a very compact variety (almost bushy) and above all with a high productivity.

The president variety offers a high production with regular, cylindrical and long fruits. The president variety is not difficult to find in agricultural consortia and can also be purchased through online purchases, using Amazon. For more information, please visit the useful links page.

Zucchini, sowing and moon

The ideal time for thesowingof the zucchini should happen “with moon growing ".

Zucchini plants, pruning

Not everyone knows this, but zucchini also need onepruning. Zucchini from prune are the climbing varieties (not the ones we have reported!), ie those suitable for vertical cultivation.

Forprune the zucchiniclimbing plants you have to wait when the plant has produced 4 - 5 leaves, at this point you will have to trim the plant which in this way will produce 3 - 4 lateral shoots.

Infusion of garlic to treat the powdery mildew of zucchini

The garlic infusion is effective in preventing various diseases of zucchini. A preventive treatment is recommended to avoid various kinds of diseases and especially the widespread powdery mildew. To prepare the garlic infusion, pour 1 liter of boiling water into a container with 10 grams of minced garlic and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Once filtered, the liquid must be diluted with distilled water in a ratio of 1: 3. Spray on the plants to be treated.

Unusual varieties: the yellow courgette

Theyellow zucchinithey are a perfect variety for growing in the small home garden or in pots. It is suitable for the most curious and for those who love news. The taste is similar to that of classic green zucchini, the pulp is slightly sweeter and the skin is thinner as well as of a different color. For all instructions on thecultivation of yellow courgetteand for information on where to find the seeds, please refer to the dedicated page:"Yellow courgette".

How many zucchini plants to grow

If you decide to plant zucchini to consume the vegetable in the family, do not overdo it: 2 or 3 plants will be more than enough, especially if it is a productive variety such as those mentioned in this article.

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