How to dry clean your car

How to dry clean your car

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The dry wash ofcar allows you to save a large amount of water. Every time we wash the car by hand we use more than 200 liters, a crazy figure if you consider that the wash ofcar it can take place without the use of water. The dry wash ofcar has numerous advantages, on the one hand there is water saving and on the other hand the convenience of the operation: the user will not need buckets, hoses and other equipment.

There is no shortage of products on the market to operate the dry wash ofcar, among the best products there are the ecological ones. Ecological products are more suitable for dry wash ofcar because they effectively remove dirt while leaving the gloss of the paint intact.

Ecological products are suitable for the dry wash of all the components of the car or motorcycle: mirrors, windows, bodywork, wheels ... These are biological and biodegradable products that with their natural antistatic properties allow greater protection from atmospheric agents and acid rain so as to keep the car clean For more time.

With the dry wash it is possible to remove dust, traces of smog and dirt without scratches. Following washing, it will be possible to apply products that, by creating a sort of protective film, are able to polish the car and repair it from UV rays. There are biodegradable products on the market for dry cleaning of the car with the ability to clean (degrease, remove dust and other dirt) and at the same time "wax ", then polish.

How to dry clean the car, the necessary

  • Products for dry wash
  • A microfiber cloth or similar (light and delicate)
  • Wax or other protective products

How to dry clean the car, how to proceed

  1. Spray the product over the entire surface of thecar
  2. Clean the car with the microfiber cloth, wiping it over the entire surface
  3. Apply the wax to the surface of the car

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