Why choose an electric car?

Why choose an electric car?

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Many motorists ask themselves Why choose aelectric car. The reasons are numerous as are the reasons that limit the spread of electric cars on Italian territory! Why the electric cars are they spreading so timidly in Italy? The main reason is the lack of infrastructure for charging vehicles, and there is also a lack of adequate information on the world of electric mobility.

People are surprised when they see a car without an extra exhaust pipe and have too many doubts about the maintenance and autonomy of the battery. In the past we talked a lot about EV maintenance, today we will focus on Why the electric cars they will win your heart!

Those who travel less than 160 km a day can very well buy aelectric car like the Nissan Leaf and recharge the battery at home. Those who travel 200 km can buy aelectric car with extended autonomy or hope to live in one of those few Italian cities that have already adopted charging stations!

For speed lovers there is another advantage: the electric cars offer instant access to maximum torque power. Do you have doubts? In a race between the Tesla Model S (pictured above) and the BMW M5 it will probably be the electric Tesla to win, despite the BMW having an extra 140 and 47 Nm of torque more than the Model S. The secret lies in the ' acceleration! In short, you won't have to wait for 3,000 rpm to access maximum engine power!

Immediate access to maximum torque is one thing and targeted traction is another! Many vehicles can boast electric motors placed directly on the power axis of the wheels. The Mercedes SLS E-Drive, for example, can boast 4 electric motors, one for each wheel which translated into power means 750 HP! While driving, a computer is able to independently control each engine based on the accelerator, steering angle, grip and direction, to ensure maximum safety.

For lovers of practicality, we remind you that to travel 160 km with aelectric car about 2-3 euros of electricity is enough, the equivalent of less than two liters of diesel fuel! In addition, there are advantages on the RC, road tax and in various cities the owners of electric vehicles do not pay parking in addition to having access to restricted traffic areas.

To find the charging stations for electric cars closest to your home you can use our search engine!

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