Recycling ideas for the garden!

Recycling ideas for the garden!

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The practice of recycling goes very well with the gardening! Who owns a garden can take advantage of the waste it produces and not only by preparing compost!

There are many accessories that can be transformed from original vases to garden. The wheels shown in the photo above are just an example, any bucket, plastic or tin, can be recycled to give life to planters and vases, old chests of drawers, shoes, plastic bottles, tetrapack boxes, toilets or pallets can also be reused for the same purpose! Our photo gallery will show me many ideas of recycling for the garden.


The opportunities for creativity are not limited to growing in "special containers". Many gardeners find solutions to reuse any waste material, from pipes to broken glass and old CDs. Sure, it's easy to imagine a bathtub or sink turning into a planter, but a floor made from bottoms of bottles? Or a small league made with old tires? Old windows become small greenhouses as well as recycling yoghurt pots can be used to make traps to catch parasitic insects that destroy the garden.

If walking through the port you notice a boat ruined by salt and half destroyed, ask the caretaker to be able to collect it: it could become a beautiful planter or a piece of furniture for your garden!

The ideas of recycling for the garden they do not end there. You can create a path with shards of tiles and plates or, a more fearless and skilled gardener, could engage in the manufacture of a fence or a gate made of old bicycle frames and tubes.


A disused crib, a door, empty coffee cans, broken wheel chairs, a shopping basket ... all in the garden could be recycled. Many people think that to recycle it only means carrying out adequate separate collection and delivering it to the nearest collection point, nothing more false. To recycle it means gear up, explore, understand, study and work to give new life to an object.

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