How to water the garden on the balcony

How to water the garden on the balcony

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When we talk aboutvegetable garden on the balconywe are referring to a cultivation set up in very small spaces. A littlevegetable gardenlike the one inbalcony, can exploit systems ofirrigationautomated with timers, in this context include iporous pipes and micro-irrigation.

Before delving into the methods ofirrigationmore suitable forvegetable garden on the balcony, we will give you some food for thought about water management and water saving:

  • observe yoursbalcony. Where does the sun shine strongest? Are there any shaded areas? This information will not only serve you for choosing suitable plants but also to understand how often it will be neededirrigate. Plants in full sun exposure will tend to suffer drought more easily and will need toirrigationsmore frequent and more abundant.
  • when watering, the earth must become darker but there must be no stagnation of water. This will not only guarantee the well-being of the plant but will allow you to save considerable water.
  • In the summer months, water during the cooler hours of the day.
  • Too strong jets of water are to be avoided.
  • If for theirrigationuse the water from the aqueduct, remember that this is rich in chlorine. Beforeirrigateplants with this water, let it rest for 24 hours in bins. This will be enough to evaporate most of the chlorine and, in summer, will bring the water to room temperature so as to avoid any thermal shock.

L'irrigationofvegetable garden on the balcony
The tubes ofmicro-irrigationsare certainly the most practical, economical andsustainableThey also work at very low pressures so if you have the option to place them on the terrace or inbalcony, a tank for collecting rainwater, it will be possible to use this water forirrigate the plants. The micro-irrigation system, regardless of the source (whether rainwater, water from the aqueduct ...), allows significant water savings as it provides water only when needed.

Another solution forirrigationofvegetable gardeninbalconyprovides for the use of porous pipes. These distribute the water evenly. Between the two solutions just described, the micro-irrigation it is more efficient than porous pipes both in terms of water saving and ease of use.

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