Educational games for children

Educational games for children

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THEeducational games for childrencontain techniques for solving problems that often belong to real life. THEeducational games aim to convey to the players some fundamental principles that vary according to the theme of thegamechosen. Currently parents have a great choice: the market offers numerouseducational gamesto food, environmental issues, the domestic economy, human health, history ...

THEeducational gamesThere are really numerous environmental issues, ranging from the creation of a greenhouse to the control of a small ecosystem. With the game “The World Below Us” ichildrenthey will have the opportunity to observe live the germination of seeds and the growth of plants. For thechildrenwith age of 8, they existeducational gamesdesigned to educate children in the efficient use of energy, from renewables to the energy of the future.


Still on the subject of renewables, the market offers games powered by solar panels, tracks, remote-controlled cars or even small boats and cars that integrate solar cells. Othersenvironment themed educational gamesprovide for the energy management of a building. For example, the game Alternative Energy proposed by Clementoni in the Science & Game line, allows the child to become familiar with a solar-powered house with photovoltaic panels and a small solar thermal system. The house can count on a wind turbine and is related to an electric car that integrates solar cells. With a game like this, the child will be educated to renewables, will be able to immediately understand the difference between a solar roof and solar thermal.


Back to the game The energy of the future, here ichildrenthey will have fun with an experiment kit that will allow them to touch various forms of energy with their own hands, and children will be able to assemble two solar-powered vehicles. Don't be fooled by the complexity of the descriptions, ieducational gamesthey are designed to be intuitive, they are usually suitable for children aged 7 or 8 and up.

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