How to protect the garden from the cold

How to protect the garden from the cold

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Before the arrival of severe frosts, the most sensitive to cold vegetables such as endive, celery and cauliflower must be harvested. Forprotect the garden from the coldit will be necessary to organize with greenhouses, in this context we have already explained how to create a tunnel greenhouse. Some crops ofvegetable garden, if not protected, they will yield nothing during the winter: lettuce, radicchio, parsley, radishes ... they can begrowninvegetable gardenin winter only if adequately protected from the cold.

Then there are some vegetables that are "compatible "with the cold only if it comes gradually. We often hear that "mid-seasons no longer exist", therefore, rather than wishing the gradual arrival of cold weather, we can gradually accustom vegetables such as radicchio from Treviso, radicchio di Castelfranco and cardoon to the cold.

Forprotect the garden from the coldwithout using fixed structures, small tunnels covered with EVA or polyethylene sheets can be used. At the end of use, remember to properly dispose of these materials.

Those who live in the South can protect the garden from the cold by using simple non-woven fabric covers that are placed directly above the plants. Obviously it will be necessary to spread the tarps on thecropsbefore the onset of frosts. Between November and December, to ensure a good yield ofvegetable gardeneven in winter, it will be necessary to proceed with the manure or the distribution of compost in order to enrich the soil.

In case of thetunnel greenhouse, we remind you that every time the snow is deposited, it must be cleared as soon as possible for two reasons: the snow can damage the protective structures and moreover it does not allow the passage of light. Remember that the tunnel must be ventilated as much as possible as humidity and condensation can lead to rotting of the crops. For further information, we refer you to this article.

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