LED light temperature sensor for faucets

LED light temperature sensor for faucets

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An example of LED light This temperature sensor for taps, which signals the supply of hot or cold water, is also of low consumption and high savings.

There LED light of the device connected to the tap's hydraulic mixer is activated with the flow of water and does not require batteries so the device is completely autonomous.

There LED light it is colored green when the temperature is below 25 ° C, blue between 26 and 35 ° C, red between 36 and 45 ° C and red-blue intermittently above 45 ° C.

A tap equipped with light LED colored certainly invites children to personal hygiene and serves as an anti-scald device: just look at the water to know its temperature.

The manufacturer ensures that the temperature sensor a LED light it fits most of the taps and in the package that will arrive by post (without shipping costs) you will also find two adapters. For a perfect seal, a small amount of hydraulic Teflon may be necessary, and we would like to point it out to you.

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