Downshifting stories and instructions for use

Downshifting stories and instructions for use

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The purpose of this article is not to try to define Downshifting (for this reason, if anything, you can read the previous article Downshifting: living better by earning less) but provide a short bibliography of texts on the subject where you can find information and even the story of experiences.

From this point of view, the Amazon library is a great convenience because it is accessible from anywhere at any time and allows a choice of texts that are not always found all together in traditional libraries.

The criterion we have set ourselves is to restrict the observation area to Italian volumes of Italian authors, which obviously greatly restricts the field of study of the phenomenon. Downshifting (which is actually a good subject to study) but it allows us Italian people to confront ourselves with the reality we know well.

The most recent volume based on the date of publication (January 2014 that is these days) is entitled 'An experience of downshifting technological 'and its author is Giovanni Ziccardi, publisher Marsilio. Let's say right away that we haven't been able to read it yet, but let's think about it and maybe we'll talk about it. In the online synopsis we read that the author has experienced six months of slowing down his 'digital presence' - hence the reference to technological downshifting - and in the book he tells himself. A must read for those with curiosity about A technological downshifting experience

The second most recent book we find (October 2012) is' Escape from the city. Practical manual of downshifting, degrowth and self-production by Grazia Cacciola for Natural LifeStyle. Here the theme of downshifting is more focused on the conflict between life in the 'city' and the 'I want to live in the countryside'. A recurring thought difficult to put into practice. In the book some tips I run away from the city. Practical manual of downshifting, degrowth, self-production

Older only by a few months (we are in May 2012) the guide 'How to leave everything and change your life' by Alessandro Castagna (downloadable only in Kindle format). The title says it all and makes it clear that here the downshifting is the tough one, in the series just say hello and fly away For the author it is possible to do this by discovering in himself abilities and 'unexpected talents'. A beautiful (and challenging) bet for those who are not looking for pauses for reflection but for a profound change How to leave everything and change your life

Less radical but not by much the content of 'Enough is enough. Quit your job and change your life. The story of those who made it by Simone Perotti published by Chiarelettere. The year of publication, 2009, makes us understand that for some time the downshifting it is a social phenomenon also in Italy. The author is one of those who made it to 'downshift' but admits that it was not easy. There are consequences and here you will find out which ones Now stop. Philosophy and strategy of those who have made it

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