Composters, here's which one to choose

Composters, here's which one to choose

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What are the composters best suited to play the composting? Is it better a heap or the special containers that are on the market? The market is full of composters of all sorts but sometimes even the simplest and cheapest solutions can be useful. Here is a useful guide to choosing the best one composter, from do-it-yourself market!

Composters: heaps or containers?
Compost piles or compost piles are a good alternative to containers but only when we have enough space available. In addition, the compost containers can be grilled, with bars or crossbars or industrial (in plastic material or similar). Let's see the advantages and limitations of each solution.

Composter: heaps, piles of compost
Pros: easily extendable, no initial investment, ideal for large quantities of composed and for those with a lot of space.
Cons: high need for space, we are talking about a width of at least one meter.
In treating the composting in heaps this must be covered with a perforated plastic film or with a special compost gauze, the only investment required.

Composter: composting containers, from do-it-yourself to the market
Composter, grilled container (do-it-yourself)
THE grilled containers they don't need a lot of space, they are cheap and do-it-yourself (buy a flexible grid and plant it in the ground) The disadvantage is given by the large openings that can interrupt the maceration process and favor drying. Another disadvantage lies in the difficulty of mixing.

Composter, bars and crossbars (DIY or to buy)
THE containers with bars or crosspieces in treated wood (or concrete or metal), they don't need a lot of space. It can be achieved with the do-it-yourself but it requires a good dose of dexterity (see how to build a composter). The only concern is not to leave too much space between one crossbar and the other so as to limit the risk of drying. The only drawback can be found in the removal of the mature compost in the lower floors of the composter (the compost placed further down), in this regard it could be provided, only for the bottom, of the removable crossbars.

Composter industrial, ad hoc containers (to buy)
They exist on the market composters from the most disparate sizes and shapes. The most advanced models also incorporate a small shredder. Among the advantages they have the reduced need for space, they do not have the problem of drying or cooling as they are equipped with a closed structure and equipped with a cover. Near the ground, they have pavements that make it easy to extract the compost. Among the disadvantages we have the purchase costs and the choice: some composeris they are bad! Especially when it comes to totally closed models where the structure does not provide ventilation and balanced humidity. Care must be taken in choosing.

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