Energy performance: penalties for irregular EPAs

Energy performance: penalties for irregular EPAs

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For a Energy Performance Certificate irregular, there is a fine which, in the case of Lombardy, ranges from 500 to 2 thousand euros, in addition to the cancellation of the certificate from the regional land registry (which makes the property unsaleable). The alienator for consideration who does not produce theBEE risks from 5 thousand to 20 thousand euros. The lessor who does not deliver the APE to the lessee risks from 2,500 to 10 thousand.

It's the most annoying part of the new Energy Performance Certificate (BEE) of buildings, but it must be known and kept in mind by those who own a property and by those who, for various reasons, have to do with sales, leases and renovations of buildings. No joke: in Lombardy, which like other regions applies local regulations pending national guidelines and calculation methods, fines have already been given for BEE irregular.

We remind you that theBEE has taken the place of the ACE (Energy Certification Certificate) since 6 June 2013 (DL June 4, 2013), carrying with it the burden of sanctions for non-compliant parties and those who declare falsehood, as usual. Let's see what the sanctions are and which subjects they risk.

Designer. In the case of untrue technical reports on energy performance of the building risks from 2 thousand to 10 thousand euros in sanctions, with an increase of 50% if the relations have made it possible to carry out interventions that otherwise would not have been admissible or that have allowed access to concessions.

Construction manager. If the intervention is different from what is declared in the technical report provided for by Law 10/1991, the DL incurs a penalty from 5 thousand to 15 thousand euros.

Energy certifier. If theEnergy Performance Certificate does not comply with the law incurs a penalty of between 500 and 2 thousand euros. If the declared energy efficiency class is higher than the real one, 10 euros are added for each square meter of heated surface that can be walked on up to a maximum of 10 thousand euros. The certifier also risks 6 months of suspension from the register, which becomes two years in case of reiteration.

Owner. Pay the same fine as the Works Manager if the intervention is different from the technical report and law 10/1991.

Seller (alienating). If the sale takes place for consideration and the seller does not produce theEnergy Performance Certificate, the same incurs a fine from 5 thousand to 15 thousand euros. Furthermore, the sale is null.

Lessor. In the event of a rent, the lessor who fails to deliver the APE to the lessee incurs a fine of between 2,500 and 10,000 euros. The rental contract without BEE is null.

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