Here is the urban orchard

Here is the urban orchard

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From the urban garden to urban orchard. Which means fruit plants not only in the countryside, but also in urban green areas owned by the public administration. All, of course, strictly organic. The idea came to the Man and Territory Pro Natura Association, a very active partnership created for the defense of nature and the enhancement of the territory, which, to begin with, submitted it to some mayors.

Why create urban orchards? Why not? If you build an urban vegetable garden, why not an orchard? The association replied that this initiative has several meanings: to support people in need in this time of considerable economic crisis; involve citizens and especially the elderly in the care of public affairs; finally, to contain the maintenance costs of green areas for the municipal administrations. Finally, to these social aspects is added the aesthetic aspect because, if planted in the right place and in the right way, fruit trees embellish the landscape and this adds an additional advantage.

Who will eat the fruit of the urban orchard? To begin with, those who worked there, as usually happens with social gardens. Certainly, however, the orchard, which ideally consists of a small organic orchard (there is no reason not to be organic where there is no large-scale production) could be an opportunity to create small quality productions that can be distributed to the most needy. , starting with those directly involved in cultivation, who may not be able to afford to buy organic fruit.

To all the Municipalities that will share the objectives and contents of the proposed proposal, thus identifying the green areas to be allocated to urban orchard, the Man and Territory Pro Natura Association will offer its support in the drafting of the standard contract (a standard has already been identified) for the free loan of the areas to private individuals as well as for the design of all the works necessary to production areas.

In the first experiences of urban orchard that are appearing, the Man and Territory Pro Natura Association has activated alongside the municipal administrations in the search for a sponsor able to donate fruit trees (perhaps in exchange for advertising) and in the training of citizens who, perhaps completely fasting from agricultural work, they have expressed their intention to take care of the orchards.

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