ADSL cancellation: all the ways to change operator

ADSL cancellation: all the ways to change operator

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Change ADSL operatorGiven the amount of different Internet offers and very affordable promotions available on the market, it is an increasingly common procedure.

The legislative framework that regulates a ADSL cancellation however, it is not the simplest, and despite the Bersani decree simplifying the necessary operations, it is often still difficult to find one's way.

The fact remains that change ADSL provider it's really easy and that's what we would like to explain to you in this article.

What can be confusing is the sea of ​​Internet offers that are advertised today. So many that many prefer to stay with the old operator, losing the opportunity to save.

Take a moment, consider it calmly, and take action if you think your current contract is ADSL is no longer for you.

Let's see now what are the steps to follow in order to choose a new supplier ADSL and take advantage of savings that can exceed 400 euros per year.

First, remember that the ADSL cancellation, although very similar for all operators, it changes in some crucial points depending on the contract.

With the withdrawal there are no more penalties to be paid as in the past, but there may still be some deactivation costs, which in any case the operator is required to justify and clearly specify in the contract. The amount of these costs may change depending on the type of supply (for example only ADSL or ADSL + telephone).

In other cases, there may be promotions that are valid only by staying with the same operator for a minimum number of months (for example, free activation). Normally, nothing must be paid if the withdrawal occurs due to changed contractual conditions by the operator.

If the contract is new there is always and in any case the 'right to reconsider' and within the first 10 days of signing the cancellation without paying any kind of additional cost. Simply download the appropriate form and send it by registered letter to the operator.

In other cases, after having ascertained the presence of any penalties, a registered letter with return receipt must be sent cancellation to the old operator. The models of cancellation ADSL they are not all the same and can be found on the websites of the different operators.

First, however, it is better to take precautions by activating the new offer to avoid being without a connection.

To simplify the passage operations it is necessary to obtain the migration code (the operator must provide it), an alphanumeric code that is used to identify the user and avoid changes by unauthorized operators.

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