Energy efficiency in the company: ABB awards

Energy efficiency in the company: ABB awards

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Energy Efficiency Award is the award that the Swiss multinational ABB assigns to the best projects of energy efficiency made in 2013 in the offices and factories of its client companies.

It is an important recognition in light of the fact that ABB is one of the major world operators in the energy sector and energy efficiency, and among its customers, in one way or another, it counts many companies from all sectors.

This year it was decided to reward 5 companies that have achieved an average reduction in final consumption of power 35%, with an average payback time of one and a half years and in one case even six months. Here are the winners.

AFV Acciaierie Beltrame was rewarded because it cut down on the need for power in the Vicenza plant through the installation of high efficiency class IE3 electric motors. The payback time was calculated to be just over one year. The company is part of the AFV Beltrame Group and produces merchant laminates.

A2A Environment, manager of the Acerra (NA) waste-to-energy plant, one of the largest waste treatment plants in Europe, was awarded because it obtained a energy saving of 480 MWh / year following two interventions on the circuit of the air introduced into the boiler to complete combustion. The payback time was less than 10 months.

Albasolar, a company in the renewable energy sector, is based in a class A + building in which it has installed a system that manages the electrical system, monitors the energy consumption and integrates air conditioning and video surveillance. For example, there are presence sensors that turn the LEDs on and off when people enter or leave, and other sensors regulate the lighting based on natural light. The award was given to her for corporate sustainability.

Galbani, part of the French Lactalis Group, was rewarded because in the new factory for the processing of cured meats in Melzo (MI) it was able to reduce power consumptions of 830 MWH / year. The result was achieved with the installation of high efficiency motors and inverters in the condensing devices.

Great Fast Ships stood out for the intervention of energy efficiency built on board the La Suprema ferry which led to the improvement of the engine ventilation system and the generator room. In the ventilation system there have been reductions in average consumption of 35% in the fuel needed to run the generators, and a reduction in CO2 of about 50 tons per month.

Energy efficiency in the company is discussed at the Energy Management Conference on 3 July in Milan

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