Internet of things, from web 2.0 to web 3.0

Internet of things, from web 2.0 to web 3.0

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L'internet of thingsit can be considered as the normal evolution of home automation. Today we will try to clarify what it isinternet of thingsreporting practical examples, studies and definitions.

L'internet of thingsis what characterizes the era of web 3.0. We thus move from a closed world in which the object is characterized by a descriptor to an open world in which the object interacts with the surrounding world in a intelligent, thanks to a series of "sensors" and "actuators".

Internet of Things Examples
To immediately go to examples practical and easy to understand, we report the project carried out byDomotics Lab of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies "A. Faedo ”(ISTI) of the National Research Council (CNR) of Pisa.

The team of Domotics Labhas analyzed and developed a solution to open a window on Internet to one heterogeneous home automation network, or formed by home automation devices with different technologies. This home automation network was made available through a web interface capable of managing, monitoring and "interacting" with all the home automation technology installed.

Through the web interface it was possible, among other things, to turn off the house lights from anywhere in the world but also to manage the surveillance system, clean the pool or irrigate the garden!

In the Domotics Lab project, each device was associated with an Internet address by exploiting the enormous address space of IPv6, through which it was possible to "query" and "solicit" it. To make everything more user-friendly, the Domotics Lab has created a DNS server so as to assign common names (for example, light bulb management, alarm clock, washing machine ...) the difficult IPv6 addresses characterized by various groups of hexadecimal digits.

Not onlyhome automation,L'internet of things(also saidinternet of thingsorIoT), finds wide application in a multitude of sectors: biomedical, smart grid, robotics, automotive industry, industrial monitoring, avionics ... and any logistics sector or with the need for remote management, monitoring and efficiency.

The spread ofinternet of thingsinternet of things- can make any production process more efficient as well as the management of electricity or water consumption in the home. In this context, there are many prototypes and devices already on the market. Among these we point out theNinja Sphere, a small system that not only manages to monitor and control all the devices connected to the home network, plus it detects any "suspicious" or "unauthorized" movement by immediately alerting the homeowners.

The Ninja Sphere device is capable of controlling temperature, lighting, the presence of pets, energy use and anything connected to the network. If the electricity grid is not the only thought of the landlord, the Ninja is able to create a 3D model of the house so as to allow 360 ° monitoring.

The first prototypes of the Ninja device were priced at around $ 230; to have a complete monitoring of the electrical network of a small house you have to consider a higher expense to be able to buy the necessary detectors, so a more complete Ninja device can be taken home with 430 dollars. The communication signals used by this device, as well as by most of the systems of theinternet of things, they are bluetooth and wi-fi.

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