Pay TV models and solutions

Pay TV models and solutions

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For pay tv or pay TV we no longer mean only solutions that allow you to enjoy premium content included in a tv schedule predefined by the broadcaster, but also and increasingly to build their own personalized 'menu'. This new model of pay tv it is establishing itself and where it has not yet arrived it will soon arrive.

The worldwide success of a pay tv like that of the US Netflix shows that it is possible for the user to directly order high quality products, as happened for example in the successful TV series House of Cards, among other things with actors of the caliber of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

What does it mean? That the time of the television which dictates the law in the living room, forcing users to 'religiously' adhere to the programming of the three public channels, plus the handful of private individuals TV in clear. And that users will soon decide their own personal TV schedule, choosing from a catalog as they do in a restaurant with their favorite dishes.

Today the pay TV or pay tv, represents the most popular alternative for most Italians looking for a varied catalog of offers divided by genre (from films to series TV, from exclusive programs to sporting events) and customizable according to your preferences.

Technologies at the service of pay tv can be multiple: the satellite (for example Sky), digital terrestrial (such as Mediaset Premium), the mobile pay tv (3 Tv or TIM tv) and streaming (Infinity Tv is Sky Online).

One of the great advantages of the tv streaming it is precisely the possibility of a multi-platform approach: not only smart tv, but also personal computers, tablets, smartphones and even game consoles, which can be freely synchronized with each other: you can start watching a program on your television and finish it on the tablet, for example

The payment methods are also different. If once the only alternative wastv subscription for a certain number of months, today it is possible, especially with streaming, to choose formulas that do not require the fixed payment of a fee without the possibility of cancellation.

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