The overseeding of the lawn

The overseeding of the lawn

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There is sowing of the lawn and there is overseed, but what is the latter? Little known, the overseed it is a useful measure to keep the lawn green even during the winter season, when the turf suffers and tends to lose its emerald green color.

Typical of the lawn consisting for the most part of macrotherms is in fact the characteristic of changing color as the cold season approaches, gradually becoming more yellowish due to the lower temperatures. This usually happens in October and it is in this period that you have to provide overseed.

There overseed, a term that may seem abstruse, simply consists in distributing a good amount of Lolium perennial seeds on the lawn, taking care that they take root in the grass already present. To make this happen you need to water after sowing to facilitate germination.

Once watered well, perhaps helped by the autumn rains that usually do not miss in October, the grass is expected to reach 8-10 centimeters in height and at that point a good mowing is provided that will highlight the good result of overseed giving the lawn a beautiful green color.

Before making the cut, however, it is advisable to make sure that the roots have taken root overseeded seeds. This check is easy to do by simply trying to tear a tuft of grass: if this offers resistance, it means that the root system has taken root and that it can be cut.

Made the overseed and as winter approaches, good lawn care (after lawn care in summer) becomes fertilization with substances rich in phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus because it acts on the roots, makes them more resistant and helps them to spread in depth. Potassium because it makes the leaf more resistant and helps it to pass the winter without damage. Once these operations have been completed, you will get back a green and luxuriant lawn when the new spring arrives.

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