Better ADSL? He who seeks finds

Better ADSL? He who seeks finds

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You are looking for the connection Better ADSL? If so, but also if you are looking for a better one ADSL because what you have is no longer enough for you, it may be useful to know that by comparing the different offers of the various Italian operators you can not only obtain superior performance, but also substantial savings, in the order of hundreds of euros per year.

The rate comparator available on IdeeGreen, it helps you find your way through a sea of ​​promotions, often not entirely clear to non-professionals, and choose theBetter ADSL, without of course forgetting the optical fiber. Here are the parameters to know to find the most suitable solution for your needs, in order to have at your home or office the better connection possible.

First you need to evaluate, at the same cost, the speed, not only in download but also in upload. Fiber offers such as those of Fastweb, TIM or Vodafone also allow download speeds of around 100, 300 or even 500 Mbit / s (the latter is the case of the Super Fibra Family offer for the cities of Milan, Turin and Bologna), but a high upload speed is also essential if you plan to work a lot with cloud computing or video streaming services such as teleconferencing.

Attention, not all areas of Italy can be reached by the best technologies: rather than aADSL traditional but of low speed it could be the case to opt for satellite connections or WiMax.

Secondly, special promotions and one-off costs must be evaluated: today many operators allow you to save on activation costs and on the modem thanks to special offers on expiry, which can also give you the right to additional benefits such as additional space on the web for the cloud, tv streaming (this is the case of Fastweb and Sky Online with Joy, of Infostrada always with Sky Online, of the fiber offers of Vodafone with Netflix, of TIMvision included with the TIM offers) and more.

Latency should not be underestimated either, which must be very low to ensure the best experiences for online gamers (again Joy by Fastweb and the Internet Play option by Telecom Italia).

In any case, the advice to have the best ADSL possible is always the same: do not be satisfied with the first offer that is proposed to us but continue to search and compare the different promotions with each other, in order to make the most of the competition between the different operators on the market.

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