Gramigna: control, ownership and uses

Gramigna: control, ownership and uses

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Thereweed, commonly calledgrass of the meadowsfor hiscapacityof weed, belongs to the family ofGrassesand is widespread on Italian territory with two different species. When we talk aboutweedwe refer to theCanine Toothand Canine Grass.

Gramigna, canine tooth
It is a weed with a thin creeping root with arms that graft deeply into the ground. The stubble can reach up to one meter in height and are equipped with flat, smooth green leaves. At the height of theweedCanine tooththere is onesingle earflattened.

Gramigna, canine grass
Again we are talking about a weed but here the roots are much larger. The stubble is shorter and reaches 50 cm. The stems are flowerless, have small and narrow leaves, joined by 4 or 7 spikes starting from the same point.

Thereweedit is present throughout the Italian territory. The Canine tooth is mostly present in cultivated land while the Canine grass is common in the presence of vineyards not located on siliceous soils.

Thereweeds in the kitchen
Even if the gardeners and farmers see theweedlike a weed to be eradicated, this oneplantretains a large number ofpropertyit is also widely used in the culinary field. The toasted rhizomes ofweedcan be used as a substitute for coffee; moreover, good quality alcohol can be extracted from the same rhizomes, so oftenweedit is used for the production of low alcoholic beer.

Gramigna Property
Thereweedit can be used as a diuretic, decongestant, purifying, refreshing… lebeneficial propertiesof this plant are numerous as well as the active ingredients, in fact theweedincludes substances such as:

  • Malic acid
  • silicic acid
  • cinodyne
  • unusual
  • tricitin
  • sugary substances

To make the most of the active ingredients ofweedwe refer you to the article "All the properties of Gramigna “.

How to get rid of weed
There weed it develops by crawling along the ground and develops roots wherever a node touches the ground, this growth allows for the weedto create a dense tangle. If we talk about theweedCanine grass, this fails to take root on siliceous soils. Foreliminate the weedit is possible to use a specific chemical herbicide or a large number of mechanical techniques, in this regard we refer you to our guide article"How to get rid of weeds".

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