Bioethanol fireplaces

Bioethanol fireplaces

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Bioethanol fireplaces: advantages, prices and efficiency in heating. How the bioethanol fireplace works and the opinions of those who use it as a thermo-home furnishing.

We often hear about bioethanol fireplacesbut how useful they are in theHome heating?Let's see in detail all the useful information before purchasing.

Bioethanol fireplace to heat, does it work?

Unlike the classic ones, i bioethanol fireplaces they heat the rooms without heat loss from the flue. They can take on an elegant, refined, classic or modern appearance according to your tastes.

Abioethanol fireplace can heat house? No, but it can certainly heat a room, even if it is very large and even if it all depends on the size of thebioethanol fireplacewhich you choose.

The little onescountertop bioethanol fireplaces (floor or table) or wall (to hang or recessed) can heat only small rooms. A bioethanol fireplace of this type is useful for integrating an existing heating system or it can bring heating to those areas of the house or room not reached by the radiators.

So yes, thebioethanol fireplace is effective in heat upbut it should not be considered the only source of heat in a very large room.

Bioethanol, what it is and how much it costs

Bioethanol is the fuel used to produce heat from the ethanol fireplace, the prefix "bio" indicates its natural derivation. Bioethanol is a renewable energy source. This fuel is made from corn, barley and sugar beets without any petroleum derivatives. For the production of bioethanol, biomass waste deriving from the leftovers of the agri-food industries, waste that would otherwise be destined for landfills, can also be used.

How much does bioethanol cost? The price varies a lot depending on the product and also the quantities purchased. If you buy bioethanol at the supermarket you will pay around 2 euros per liter for a 10 or 20 liter tank. while on the web, by buying larger quantities you can spend much less.

The bioethanol it has a good ability to heat and the expansion of heat is very fast. Is a single bioethanol fireplace enough to heat a room? It depends on the square meters it has to heat. The chimney tank refills easily.

Bioethanol fireplaces, prices

On this page you will notice two splendid bioethanol fireplaces. Of these, I personally bought the countertop one shown in the photo below, and then I can leave mineopinionsabout. For the other model, I stick to opinionsleft by Amazon users who have had the opportunity to experience thefireplacein question.

I bought this top fireplace to furnish and make it warmerrelax areaof the House. It is placed on a soft white carpet in front of a long sofa aL. I state that my house is well insulated and the fireplace is in the living room, equipped with a large window that allows natural heating by solar radiation. The fireplace, alone, is able to heat a large part of the room on colder days and the entire room on less severe ones. The living room is about 30 square meters large. The upper part can be used as a snack table or remote control. The price of the product is 268 euros, with free shipping costs. For all information, I refer you to the official product page: Stones Tete a Tete. I confirm that it is white, even if from the Amazon photo it looks gray.

The prices of floor bioethanol fireplaces are higher than those of built-in or wall fireplaces. The fireplace shown in the photo above, in fact, can be bought with 169 euros but has a lower heating power. For all information, I refer you to the pageMovable Stones 12. Before making any purchase, always read the opinions of those who have already used the product… interesting evaluations could arise in order to further improve your furnishing idea.

Bioethanol fireplaces, advantages

There are numerous advantages in using this type of fireplace. Consumption has a low environmental impact and, thanks tovisible flame, manages to recreate a very special atmosphere.

Its installation does not require great means and great commitment, even when it comes tolarge bioethanol fireplaces or stoves. Also therebioethanol stoveit is easy to install, it is a pre-built structure simply to be transported and fixed in the desired environment.

Bioethanol is readily available, at limited costs, and can be transported simply inside plastic containers and cans. They are customizable structures and can have various customizable sizes and colors. For more information on the benefits: Bioethanol stoves, advantages and disadvantages.

Does the bioethanol fireplace stink?

No, if you buy certified fuel. The EEC regulation 3199 22/11/93 imposes, for thestoves and fireplaces, the use ofbioethanoldenatured at 96 ° whose combustion is odorless, therefore, if during the use ofbioethanol stovesshould you smell a strange smell, it is important to change supplier as the fuel does not reach the degree of purity required by the regulation.

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