Thermostatic valves, assembly

Thermostatic valves, assembly

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Thethermostatic valvesregulate the flow of hot water into the radiator in order to maintain the temperature set on thevalveitself. The use of morethermostatic valves,in the radiators of a home with independent heating, it allows you to adjust the temperature of the various rooms in a different way and according to the different heat needs.

How does athermostatic valve?
Thanks to a mechanism that allows the inflow of hot water into the radiator or stops it to maintain an environment at the desired temperature.

In a centralized system, thanks tothermostatic valves, it is possible to obtain a reduction in consumption of up to 20%: each radiator must be equipped with thermostatic valves to regulate the temperature room by room, so as to provide the heating system with a heat detector and meter thanks to which consumption is optimized related to heating.

THEpricesof thethermostatic valvesthey can vary, starting from a minimum of 20 euros. Excellentthermostatic valvesare available at a cost of 60 euros.

The chronothermostats
Even the installation of chronothermostatscan help us save on heating. THEchronothermostatsthey allow you to program temperatures at precise times, so as to find the warm house when you return without leaving the heating system active in the morning! Thechronothermostatit allows us to program temperatures and ignition times, helping us to rationalize consumption.

How to mount a thermostatic valve
Theassembly of thermostatic valvesis simple. Each radiator must be equipped with onethermostatic valvewith which it is possible to regulate the temperature and by a system ofdetectionof the heat generated.

Who wantsfit the thermostatic valveson old models of radiators you will have to do a little more work, but nothing so difficult. To understandhow to mount a thermostatic valveon a compatible radiator we refer you to the video made available byLeroy Marlin, while if theradiatorupon whichmounttherethermostatic valveis very dated, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Empty the old heating system and remove the shut-off valve by replacing it with a threaded connection.
  2. Screw the fitting after wrapping the thread with Teflon tape.
  3. Remove the old knob. With somethermostatic valvesit will also be necessary to remove the rigid plastic cap that protects the heat-sensitive element. Look inside thethermostatic valveto understand whether to remove the plastic cap or not.
  4. Fit the knob on the valve axis and push it all the way down. You will understand that you have fixed it well when you hear a "click“.

What is needed formountof thethermostatic valveson old radiators?
Teflon tape and threaded fitting to be fixed to the closing valve to make it "compatible" withassembly of the thermostatic valve.

Video: How to Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves. This Old House (August 2022).