Chronothermostat, advantages and operation

Chronothermostat, advantages and operation

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Thechronothermostatallows you to manage the domestic temperature in a simple and complete way: it controls the boiler on and off not only based on the detection of a certain temperature as done by the classicsthermostats, but also based on the time slots of the day, of the week and on the basis and preset intervals.

If thethermostatic valves allow the flow of hot water into the radiator or interrupt it to maintain an environment at the desired temperature without time constraints, thechronothermostatturns the boiler on and off, keeps the temperature constant, taking into account domestic needs.

If thechronothermostatis integrated into a home automation system, the house can be divided into several rooms, where, in each of which, it can maintain different temperature conditions throughout the day. In case achronothermostathas to manage the temperature of different rooms, each room must have a heat detection probe and each collector must be equipped with asolenoid valvewhich opens or closes the heating circuit according to the set temperature.

Who wantssave on heatingcan point to thechronothermostat: if with a classic thermostat there is an energy saving of 20%, with achronothermostatthe energy expenditure related to heating can be cut by 30%, moreover, the higher cost of the systems is amortized in 2-5 years.

Returning to talk abouthome automation, achronothermostatit can perform other functions. Thechronothermostatcan interact with other equipment in order to improve home comfort and make the use of resources more efficient; for example, depending on the exposure of the rooms and their intended use, the shutters can be automatically lowered when the summer radiation is too strong or raised at certain times of the day to maximize the sun exposure in the months cold. This would further reduce the costs of heating and cooling.

Another point in favor of thechronothermostatresides inenergy certification of buildings: zone thermoregulation is one of the parameters taken into consideration for the release of theenergy certificationand allows the attribution of a higher energy class than a block managed house.

Thechronothermostat it does not require high installation or assembly costs: it can be mounted on the wall and it is possible to install it in place of the thermostat traditional.

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