How to choose the fireplace

How to choose the fireplace

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What's more ecological than a fireplace to heat the home environment? On, off ... it is always nice to see whether it is built into the wall or outside. If you are about to put one at home, it is good to evaluate everything. In this regard we will illustrate you how to choose the fireplace following some useful indications.

How to choose the fireplace,

  • the purchase
    Before purchasing the fireplace, make sure that there is already a predisposition in the system of the house, otherwise it will be necessary to make some changes. Don't underestimate the space you have when choosing; on the market you will find different types of fireplaces: built-in, semi-recessed or completely external and occupy different spaces according to the choice.

Fireplace with hood in sight

The hood itself can represent a decorative element, depending on the style of the room: also in this case you must leave it clearly visible

Fireplace with hidden hood

If the environment where the fireplace is to be installed is very elegant and modern, you can also hide the true inclined shape of the hood; it will be sufficient to create a vertical brick element that goes from the hearth to the ceiling: in this way it will seem that the fireplace is positioned in a protrusion of the wall.

Semi built-in fireplace

With the semi-recessed fireplace, you recover some space; if you prefer to make it look less conspicuous and bulky, this is the best solution: you can embed a part in the wall in such a way as not only to embed the central body but also part of the hood. In this way the fireplace will take on smaller dimensions. You can also use the part that protrudes from the wall to add various shelves in order to create a pleasant composition of books and objects.

Fireplace with hood completely embedded in the wall

In this case, the hood is not in sight: you will only see the niche opening in the wall. This type of fireplace is less impressive than the others and is suitable for modern environments. The niche can be covered with marble, ceramic, brick or simply plastered. Much depends on the existing furniture: if it recalls brown it can be covered with bricks if, on the other hand, the furniture is white or black it is preferable to limit yourself to plaster.

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