How to change the water in the aquarium

How to change the water in the aquarium

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Even if thewater looks clean, suspended inaquarium there are a large number of "invisible waste" that accumulate in the form ofnitrates and phosphates. L'aquarium water gets dirty due to food residues, plant particles and the waste products of fish metabolism.

Why do you need to change the water in the aquarium?

Because the aquarium filter cannot do everything by itself! High levels of nitrates can interfere with the growth of young fry and the life cycle of adult fish. Furthermore, nitrates promote the uncontrolled growth of algae. Phosphates have a similar effect.

Change the waterit is the best way to keep nitrate and phosphate levels under control and also to restore concentrations of active substances. The trace elements and minerals present in the water are important for the health of fish as well as for the chemical stability of the water.

How often do you need to change the water in the aquarium?

Changing the water in the aquarium is part of routine maintenance. The frequency varies based on many factors: how populated the aquarium is, type of fish, number of plants, type of plants, presence and number of filters, filter capacity ...

Inefficient filters placed in aquariums that are very rich in life see a very high frequency on the contrary, for an aquarium with average population and a capacity of 60 liters it will be enough to change 1/3 of the water once every 15 days. Many experts advise toto change 15% of the aquarium water every week.

Warning!The water in the aquarium must be changed and not topped up! Many people think that adding water to the aquarium solves the problem but this is not the case: adding water does not eliminate any waste.

How to change the water in the aquarium?

Forchange the water in the aquariumyou will needwater suitable for regenerating your aquariumand a simple pump / siphon. If you do not have a pump / siphon, you will need to manually remove the water (with the help of containers). In any case, you will need a tank of aquarium water and a bucket to transfer the dirty water to. There are aquarium cleaning kits on the market that can make your job much easier.

Aquarium Cleaning Kit
We point this out to you kit for cleaning the aquarium consisting of a siphon, a pump and tools that not only allow you to change the aquarium water easily but also to clean the bottom;

when you provide thechange of the aquarium wateryou would do well to also clean the bottom (at least in part) by vacuuming part of the substrate so as to get rid of the debris. During the cleaning of the bottom, the plants must be temporarily removed and can be transferred to a separate container using tongs. The cleaning of the bottom must absolutely not be carried out if you use particular fertilizers for aquarium plants. Whenchange the waterdo not touch the filter.

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