ADSL: offers 2015

ADSL: offers 2015

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ADSL on offer for 2015: this will be the year in which Italy will finally be able to fill at least part of the digital divide that still separates it from the rest of Europe and the world? Looking at the investments of operators to make their connections faster and more stable, there are good hopes. Below the best offers 2015 for ADSL, taking into account that a visit to our ADSL comparator it is always the best way to save up to 400 Euros with the cheapest rates to connect to the Internet.

Between ADSL + telephone offers cheaper currently available is that of TIM Smart Home (web only), for a year at 19 euros per month with a maximum download of 20 Mbps and an upload of 1 Mbps and free calls with no connection fee to mobile phones and landlines, plus TIMVision. Broadband features instead for Absolute ADSL of Infostrada, 20 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload at the fixed price of 19.95 euros per month until 21 September 2015, but often renewed (plus 3 euros per month for the wireless modem, in case you don't already have one ).

Also interesting are the ADSL offers 2015 by Tiscali: All Included Light it costs 24.95 euros per month forever and entitles you to 20 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload, plus two months of Infinity, Mediaset's streaming TV. Same goes for All Inclusive Full, the offer with no connection fee and with free phone calls also to mobile phones plus 60 minutes a month to international landlines, with a fee of € 27.95; here the months of Infinity to which you are entitled are 12.

As for Fastweb, the 2015 ADSL offer Super Jet it is 25 euros per month for the first year (then 39 euros) and also gives the possibility to fly at the speed of Ultrafibra, free for the first year (5 euros per month thereafter), with 100 Mbps in download. The standard ADSL + telephone offer (also to mobile phones), on the other hand, is 20 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload. Also included are 18 months of a digital service of your choice, including Deezer, Dropbox Pro, Sky Online and many others. 25 euros per month for the first year (then 54.90 euros) for Homepack Full, which in promotion also includes Sky TV as well as ADSL and telephone calls.

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