How to choose a freezer

How to choose a freezer

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The purchase of a freezer must be well thought out: there are many factors to consider, remember that this choice will not only depend on conservation and your food but also on energy consumption.

Freezers vary according to capacity, energy efficiency and the features offered. In this regard we will illustrate you how to choose a freezer, giving you some very useful information.

How to choose a freezer, useful information

  • Opt for the automatic or semi-automatic defrost models: they avoid the inconvenience of having to stop the operation of the appliance which, when restarting, consumes more energy
  • Check the thickness of the walls and the door or lid; avoid too light appliances, as they disperse the cold more with consequent energy expenditure
  • Pay attention to the noise: the freezer is running continuously, so it is important that it is quiet. Take a look at the decibels: it is true that the new generation freezers are quite silent but it is better to be foresighted
  • Prefer the models equipped with a button for rapid freezing of food
  • Place the freezer in the coolest part of the kitchen and, in any case, away from heat sources or windows, making sure to leave a space of at least 10 cm between the wall and the back of the appliance. These appliances can also be placed in the cellar
  • Make sure that the surface on which the freezer is placed is perfectly level: equip yourself with a spirit level and check if the freezer is level. A slight difference in height can cause noise and increased consumption
  • If the appliance is not equipped with automatic defrosting, defrost the internal walls when the layer of ice is about 5 mm thick. A greater thickness removes more cold inside as well as reducing the available volume
  • At least once a year, clean the condenser located in the back of the freezer and which serves to disperse the heat produced by the appliance. This operation will ensure greater efficiency of the freezer and consequently avoid increasing consumption. This operation must be carried out after disconnecting the plug
  • Periodically check that the rubber gaskets on the door or cover are always in good condition, taking care to replace them if they are worn or crushed
  • For internal and external cleaning, use only the products recommended in the instruction booklet as each material requires specific detergents. In any case, you can rely on natural products easily available at home. You can prepare a solution based on vinegar and bicarbonate water: 1 liter of water, 200 ml of vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda. For further information read "How to clean the fridge with natural remedies"
  • Once a year, turn off the appliance, empty it completely and clean it carefully.


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