How to reach Expo 2015

How to reach Expo 2015

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How to reach Expo 2015: instructions on how to get to Expo Milano 2015 by car, train or plane; Expo 2015 will take place in the North-West of Milan, here is all the information on transport.

In the ranking of 52 places to visit in 2015, theNew York Timesawarded first place toMilanthat together with its monumentsevergreen(the Castello Sforzesco, the Duomo, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper ...), for this year, will offer the public the great Universal ExpositionWith the'Expo 2015.

How to reach Expo 2015 by subway

Forarrive at Expo 2015on the subway, you will have to choose theline 1 (Red line)and follow the signs for the stationRho Fiera Milano.

How to take line 1
To take line 1 of the Milan metro, just take any metro and get off at the Duomo, Cadorna stations and change. It is precisely at the Duomo and Cadorna stations that line 1 interconnects with all other lines in Milan.

  • Take line 1
  • Get off at the Rho Fiera Milano station
  • Reach the control square (a few meters from the station)
  • Pass the controls and walk along theExpo-Fiera pedestrian walkwayto reach Expo 2015.

Reaching Expo 2015 with the red metro line, you will enter the Universal Exposition site through accessWest Fiorenza.

The Red metro line is the best way to get to Expo 2015. The last run is set at 00.10 on weekdays and 00.40 on weekends with a replacement night service seven days a week for six months throughout the city.

How to reach Expo 2015 by train

From Milan Central Station or Garibaldi Station, it is possiblereach Expo 2015by train with travel times of 15 and 19 minutes respectively. Just take a direct train to Rho Fiera Milano station.

All regional trains from Arona, Domodossola, Varese and Turin stop at the Rho Fiera station.

Those coming from Monza, Seregno or Como can take the S11 line, while the suburban lines S5 - S6 and the new entry S14 from Rogoredo connect Rho Fiera with the Milanese stations of the Passante.

Trenitalia has a "Bus Lane" forarrive at Expo 2015.Expo Milano 2015 counts Trenitalia among its partners, which offers over 130 thousand seats a day between national and international connections to serveExpo 2015.

For the six months of the event, the trains of the national and international network (including Frecciabianca and Frecciarossa) will stop in the new Rho Fiera Expo Milano 2015 station, located near the entrance toExpo 2015.

Visitors who reach Expo 2015 by train will enter through the West Gate.

How to reach Expo 2015 by car

Who wantsreach Expo 2015 by carwill have to work a little. In line with the themefeeding the planet, energy for life, the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition based its connections on eco-friendly transport such as ATM lines, subways, shuttles and the entire public transport network.

Intending visitorsreach Expo 2015 by carthey will have to rely on only two alternatives: a 10,000-space car park in Arese and a 1,500-space car park in Trenno. Shuttles depart from both car parks ensuring a service with non-stop departures. Drivers can take advantage of a smartphone application that will indicate times of congestion and traffic jam with stickers.

How to reach Expo 2015 by plane

Those who travel by air can arrive at Expo 2015from the airports of Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio. All three airports are roughly equidistant from the site of the Universal Exposition. Once you land at the airport, it will not be difficult to find shuttles made available for travelers who wantto reachMilan Expo 2015.

How to visit Expo 2015 - advice

To keep up to date on events related to Expo 2015, tastings, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, festivals and shows, we recommend that you download (free of charge), the official Expo Milano 2015 application, available for both iPhone Os and Android Os.

We advise you not to miss thegreen side of Lombardy and Italyand to visit, on the occasion of Expo 2015, the most beautiful gardens in our country, all the information is available in the articleDiscovering the 100 Gardens for Expo 2015.

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