Craft beer: how to order it online

Craft beer: how to order it online

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Craft beer: how to order it online. Craft beer is one of the Italian production excellences even if only in recent times the producers of homemade beers they are winning a numerically significant clientele.

Expo 2015, with its focus on food, will be a new important opportunity to raise awareness of the merits of this extraordinary drink that man began to produce since the Sumerian era, in 4000 BC.

The process of making a craft beer begins with the transformation of barley into malt: the barley must be left to soak in water for a few days and the type of water used is already a first important element that will impact the quality of the beer produced. The sugary must can be flavored with aromatic herbs, fruit or more commonly with hops.

The second step is the phase of drying. If this is light it will produce one craft beer of type Lager. There roasting is a further phase: if the craft beer produced is delicate, it will be of the Ale, Mild or Bitter.

The alcohol content of beer instead it is determined by the yeast fermentation method which leads to the formation of alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Each variable of this process involves a different taste and unique characteristics, with secrets handed down over the centuries by master brewers.

By now it should be clear the difference between buying an ordinary canned commercial beer and a bottle of craft beer.

The production of craft beer happens for limited quantities, precisely because of the obsessive attention to each stage of the process and for this reason the price of the final product is usually higher. But also the quality, of course, is of a completely different level!

As with most food products, a long commercial chain, with many steps between the producer and the consumer, leads to a higher final retail price. One of the ways to "shorten" the supply chain and pay a better price is therefore to buy online.

To this end, the website was born from a young Italian company based in Monza where anyone can order online a high quality craft beer but at a discounted price.

The beers proposals on moreover, they are not easily available elsewhere, precisely because they come from local breweries and artisan realities that in most cases cannot access large-scale distribution.

The beers purchasable on come exclusively from Italian manufacturers and shipments are made by express courier.

Above a purchase threshold, which varies according to the available offers, shipping becomes free.

For what concern payment, occurs in the maximum safety guaranteed by the SSL protocol and it is possible to pay by credit card, even prepaid (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard) or by Paypal.

In addition, for each order placed, the site owners undertake to donate 1 Euro to Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation: a small but significant gesture for me to affirm the ethical values ​​on which a company is founded. it is also a information site dedicated to craft beer, with a blog dedicated to discovering the properties and secrets of beer.

For example, reading one of the blog articles I discovered that contrary to what I thought, the beer it's a drink less caloric compared to wine, milk and even with respect to my beloved Orange juice!

I leave you to discover other interesting information on the world of beer and above all try one of the excellent craft beers proposed!

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