How to grow chamomile in pots

How to grow chamomile in pots

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How to grow chamomile in pots: tips and instructions on how to grow chamomile on the balcony, terrace or garden. Therechamomileit is appreciated in the world of herbal medicine thanks to its powerful active ingredients that make it an excellent natural remedy.

Chamomile, properties

Everyone should grow chamomile in pots or in the garden, just read the list of its beneficial properties to understand the uses we could make of it in daily practice. Those suffering from stress, nervous gastritis or anxiety can try chamomile infusions to soothe the symptoms.

There chamomilein fact, it is loved by everyone for its calming, almost sedative effect. Chamomile exerts its calming effect thanks to azulene, the active ingredient which together with other substances (salicylic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, alpha-bisabolol) is also responsible for the smell. The propertysoothing thechamomile,useful for nerve problems, they are given by the essential oil components, namely, alpha-bisabolol, guaiazulene, chamazulene and farnesene.

How to grow chamomile in pots

To facilitate the growth of thechamomile, we advise you to choose large rectangular pots and to proceed with sowing, providing about 30-40 cm for each plant, in this way, during development, the plants will not risk creating shaded areas for each other.

The ideal exposure is in full sun: thechamomileit is an extremely resistant plant so it survives well even in the cold, the only drawback is that if the plant does not thrive in ideal conditions, it will provide flowers that may be small, of little quantity or even poorer in terms of active ingredients.

  • How to water chamomile

To fully respect the needs of the plant, we advise you to keep the growing medium constantly moist.Warning!The soil must be moist but not wet and above all there must be no water stagnation.

  • How to repot chamomile

If you intend to decant the chamomile to give it more space or maybe you want to transfer it to the ground in a flower bed in your garden, you can transfer it in autumn or spring. For repotting, we recommend using a soil rich in organic substances.

  • When to harvest chamomile tea

Therechamomile harvestit must be done when the plant is in full bloom and has well developed flowers. It is precisely in this phase that the plant contains the greatest amount of active ingredients.

Pick up the chamomile cutting off the flowers. For the conservation of the flowers, we remind you that these must be kept in bunches or, if you have only collected the flower, you can improve the drying by placing them on sieves. To dry the chamomile it will take at least three to five days: the plants must be spread out on a wooden table or hung in a dry and airy environment such as, for example, attics, canopies or porches.

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