Engage with the right moon

Engage with the right moon

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Engage and pruning are two operations to be performed on a waning moon. In fact, in this period the circulation of the lymph is more reduced and the wound will be easier for the plant to bear. This is especially true for pruning, but also when it comes to engage since the grafts are still wounds. This is the first rule, but there is a second just as and perhaps even more important.

If you will proceed to engage in the waxing moon, your grafts will have the same success rate but will give rise to smaller, longer branches, full of leaves and flowers but less rich in fruit. If you just can't wait for the waning moon for engage, make sure at least to respect the second 'lunar' rule.

Which is this: the scion (i.e. the branch portion from engage on the rootstock, or subject) must be grafted with the same moon with which it was removed from the mother plant. This means that the removal of the scions must be done on a waning moon, like the grafting, and in any case it must be noted in a notebook with the date.

More tips for engage increasing not only the chances of success, but also the quality of the result, are for example that of operating procedures on windless days and choosing the coolest hours. As for the period, the most favorable months are March and April (taking advantage of the spring awakening) but there are species that can also be grafted in summer and autumn.

The influence of the moon on pruning and grafting is evident in the vine, which is typical of 'crying' (i.e. emitting sap) when it is injured. Pruning a vine on a waxing moon will see it cry much more profusely than the same operation done on a waning moon, and this can be a problem. The excessive release of sap can in fact weaken the plant, making it more vulnerable to insect attacks and fungal infections.

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