How to repot citrus fruits

How to repot citrus fruits

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How to repot citrus fruits:all the instructions on how to repot citrus fruits, from lemon to orange, from mandarin to bergamot.

When to repot citrus fruits
The best time for therepotting citrus fruitsit falls in spring, particularly in the two months of April-May. To find out if the time has comerepot the lemon, L'orange or any other citrus fruit, you have to perform a simple operation:
- lift the plant, remove it from the pot and, if it has a dense root system, proceed with the repotting by placing the plant in a slightly larger container.

How to repot citrus fruits, the choice of pot and soil
Do not choose a vase that is excessively larger than the previous one: just choose a larger vase of the order of a few cm, the ideal diameter must be 10 - 15 cm larger than the previous vase. When you run therepotting, always choose top quality soil specific for citrus fruits. That soil will have to house your plant for a long time and the roots will not be able to range in a large substrate, they will have to settle for what they find in the pot, so it is good to choose the best!

How to repot citrus fruits, the preliminary stage
Before continuing with the actualrepottingyou have to prepare the plant for the event. A few days before repotting, suspend the usual irrigation works until the soil is completely dry. The soil must be dry so as to facilitate the detachment of the earthen bread from the walls of the pot.

Therepotting citrus fruits

  1. Remove the plant from the pot by lifting it with the trunk.
  2. If the earthen bread comes out of the compact pot, with a spatula, remove the sternum layer to a thickness of about 5 cm.
  3. In the new pot, arrange some earthenware shards near the drainage hole. Cover the shards with a 2-3 cm layer of expanded clay.
  4. Pour a layer of specific soil into the new pot and add a couple of handfuls of slow release fertilizer (such as Baycote or Osmocote, with a prolonged action lasting about 6 months).
  5. Place the plant in the pot and pour the soil into the empty spaces, add more fertilizer and press lightly.
  6. Pour more citrus soil up to the surface of the pot. Remember that you only have to cover up to the collar with soil.
  7. If present, cut the ripest fruits off the plant to avoid too much stress.
  8. Irrigate and if necessary, after a few days, top up with more soil.

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