Recessed Led spotlights: let's try them

Recessed Led spotlights: let's try them

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THE Led spotlights built-in they light up like traditional ones, but they consume less and last longer. Another difference is that in Led spotlights the bulb does not heat up and the lamp body stays cold, which is an advantage in all applications. ps: the characteristic of not wasting energy in the form of heat is that which allows lamps with LED technology to consume less electricity.

Having said that, let's not dwell on the LED advantages by saying that LED technology ...

  • made light bulbs less energy-intensive,
  • that the quality of the LED light is excellent,
  • that you can choose between warm light and cold light,
  • that LED light is not only for 'effect' lighting but you can illuminate your home,
  • and that LED relamping is at no cost if we consider the savings in terms of lower consumption and longer life,

… Let's look instead at how you can go from theory to practice to save on your electricity bill without giving up anything.

The problem of recessed Led spotlights is that they are not very easy to find. Or, to put it better, maybe they are also found but they are not the right type and in the price range that we consider affordable. In fact, a LED spotlight can also be very expensive and the use we want to make of it does not always justify a high expense. And then, being a new technology for us, we want to test the ground first.

In these cases it is right to look around with the help of the internet, where something interesting is always available and, given the convenience of online purchases, you can try it without risk.

Who is looking for recessed Led spotlights that are not luxurious but reliable enough for various applications, I recommend trying these:

Set of 12 recessed LED spotlights 3W cold white light

Set of 12 recessed LED spotlights 3W warm white light

This is a set of 12 recessed Led spotlights with plastic body (but it looks like aluminum) for just over 25 euros (or something more with free shipping), definitely affordable given the prices around. They are the classic 3W, obviously they are neither beautiful nor indestructible (the fins must be treated very delicately), but at the proposed price the quality is in line. Having done the experiment and tested the LED technology, maybe you will immediately switch to something higher-end and you won't have wasted money.

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